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To love bomb and to ghost #Love #ghost #attachment #crush #Selfworth

I recently got myself out of a toxic “situationship” because I finally realized that I was suffering. This is actually a really big step for me because in the past I would rather be depressed than be without said persons company… In the beginning of this situationship I had zero interest in the person and he checked none of my boxes; he spoke about women in such a degrading manner, and he’s hot and cold. This means that he would be very present, sweet, and thoughtful for a few weeks and then ghost me without reason for the next few weeks. I was so desperate for his attention that when he came back I’d welcome him with open arms. This is actually called “Love bombing” and trust me, it hurts. Now, because I convinced myself that my attachment to him was a crush, I did everything in my power to justify his manipulation!! This is until I realized that he was going out of his way to ignore me. After he played this trick 2 times, the 3rd is where I realized my worth. Well… not really. Uhm… it took him telling me that he didn’t want a relationship and saying that he flirts with everyone for it to snap in my head. Even then, I assumed “Hey, we could still be friends! The bestest of friends in fact”. We even called each other “Bestie”. But then the cycle continued and the love bomb + ghost tactic started again so I took back my power and completely cut him off. Not officially, there was no “We’re no longer friends” conversation, but now I don’t allow him in my bubble. He no longer has access to me. I ignore his messages and attempts at conversation + physical contact and I feel good about it: relieved. But with my overthinking here comes the question — does he even care that I cut him off? And that breaks my heart hurt because I’ve been dealing with him for 6 months... SIX! And this urges the other questions — was I imagining the love bombing? Was he just being nice?? NO WAY, I won’t accept that. If I searched up “How to know if someone likes you” he’d check every singular box. This entire thing makes me SO angry because just as I would start letting my guard down and slowly lifting that physical barrier (platonically of course), that’s when he would ghost me. This is why my guard is make of bricks and cement. I’m so scared of people leaving and taking a piece of me with them but then again relationships are about sacrifice… right? But why would I sacrifice my mental and emotional well being for anyone??? Even those that I know would never leave… and that’s the problem. Thanks dad.



So there's this guy I have a major crush on. So, I texted him and waiting for a reply and I am scared. Any tips for non-awkward things to say?#crush #Love #Awkward


A realization.

I was listening to music last night and I made a sudden realization. I had a crush on this guy in school and the only reason we didn't connect was because of our drastically different music tastes. Music was this crush's life. He LIVED and BREATHED music, so me being into cutesy boybands (who I still listen to today thank you very much) and him only listening to metal and rock, he didn't like me the same way I liked him. I, however, can't help but laugh, for after graduating high school, I expanded my playlist and listen to rock and metal A LOT. It's funny how life works sometimes. Now, don't get me wrong, this crush has chosen me to not be in his life even though we've known each other since we were four, and the crush has long since fizzled out, but knowing this is kind of empowering.
#crush #School #MentalHealth #Anxiety #Depression #Disability #cerebalpalsy



I have a crush on a guy and he was with my best friends before she has moved on but what should I do ? #crush


When your crush, crushes you :(

I was living in pain and despair.
I was hopeless and dejected.
I was in need of someone
To show me the light
To hold my hand

And then you came.
You gave me hope of a better life
You showed me the path to happiness
You pulled me out of darkness.

All day and all night
It was you, I dreamt of.
All day and all night
With you I pictured a beautiful life.

But then,
Suddenly you left my hand.
You walked away.
You took away all the happiness and hope
And gave back the pain.

I don't know what changed you.
But I was back into my darkness.
The place where it all started
When you, my crush, crushed me out.

(It feels horrible to be left alone by a person for whom you were ready to give all of your life)
#breakup #Love #Pain #sad #Stress #Life #Anxiety #crush #Crushed


Everybody else have a crush to his psychiatrist? #crush #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder

I fucking idealize him, he's fucking attractive and he helps and helped me so much. I think that he understand that I've a crush for him...we've like 40 years of difference and he's my psychiatrist!



I had my first crush on a girl and I told her and rejected me it was months ago but I still think about it she was perfect and I didn’t cry but it still makes me feel bad haha but I listen to Chloe moriondo silly girl and it really hit I spent all last thinking about her yup definitely still hurts hahahahah ya know I think this will sting forever because it was my first crush ever it was like I could talk about her all day I knew her for 3 weeks before telling her because it was almost the end of the school year and I spent so much time to get closer to her but we really didn’t click huh welp that sucks but that’s life #crush


how do you get him to like you again #hurtfeelings #crush #opinions

i like this guy but he trick me and played with my feelings but hes really nice and i still am crushing hard help


Does he like? #crush#Love

Hi, I know this is a bit odd to bring up on a mental health website but I thought I would bring it up since this a community of supporting. So this is something on my mind now for a long time, A crush! its sucks, keep getting mixed signals or maybe I'm delusional. I will explain one incident, so on valentine day, I was just being silly and complaining about how I was single on this day. I said if I had a man I would want him to bring me food, then he pointed to the cupcakes and said here I brought you food. Then I said I kind of want a boyfriend and he says
 yay! so......uhhh can someone help


BLUE EYES #MightyPoets


Once again, my curiosity has brought me to confess,
I have seen pictures of you, which lead me to profess,
I have never laid eyes on a more brilliant shade of blue,
It is in your eyes that I feel so compelled to dive into,
I’m not reaching at all to describe how beautiful you are,
I have seen glimpses, inside and out, even from afar,
I want to know more, your heart and innermost thoughts,
To know how you survived the struggles you’ve fought,
What is it that gives your blue eyes their spirited shine?
Excuse this adoration of yours that I have found in mine,
I suppose this is a crush, for the lack of a better word,
All I really know is, it’s a feeling far from anything absurd…

#MentalHealth #MightyTogether #BipolarDisorder #Anxiety #Depression #ChronicPain #crush