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    When someone tells you to do a chore you’ve never done before, and you have no idea how to do it (and the person that said it knows that you don’t know how to do it). Is that someone who is setting an unrealistic goal for you? #whatdoido #Chores #help #Autism #differentnotless

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    I wish...

    I wish people understood me properly by knowing how I feel, knowing what I want and knowing what I need. My family are the only people that get it. At school, I don’t always feel accepted. I always feel like I am different from everyone else. People always do things that I don’t understand, that make me upset, or they try to prove me wrong in everything I do. I just want to feel like I am fully accepted, and I want people to understand that I do things in my own way. I am slower than everyone else. If you understand me and know how I feel, please comment below and maybe we can talk about this. #austism #Acceptance #KnowTheFeelings #CommonSense #differentnotless

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    #AutismThoughts is it just me?

    I just joined #TheMighty today and I just thought, am I the only person that loves colourful things? Obviously I’m not, but I just feel like people around me don’t really like colourful things. They would prefer to wear dark colours, whereas I’d pick something more bright and colourful. Any ideas? #Colourful #BrightClothes #Autism #differentnotless

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