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    Building Muscles & Self Esteem in Kiddos

    Fun & Functional Heavy Work You Can Do At Home! Every child has their own unique way of viewing and interacting with the world. This includes individualized responses to sensory information. Basically, everyone reacts differently to the “stuff” life throws at them. Children with sensory processing challenges often need a special sensory diet to help their bodies find that just-right engine. These activities can help all children and adults too!

    Check out Dr. Amy Wheadon's latest blog: www.kingsdayout.com/blog/fun-amp-functional-heavy-work

    #sensoryprocessing #OccupationalTherapy #empowering #SensoryIssues

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    Far out! Amazing teamwork!
    Came along with Mama and Bro earlier this Sunday arvo tried auto belaying for the first time at a local indoors climbing gym.
    It was a lot more difficult than bouldering in that it's considerably a lot more higher as tall as the actual building roof. I'd say as high as a 2-storey house.

    It was catered more for youth and family friendly.
    It was so great and exhilarating to see under 12-year-olds being active and having fun. Their Daddies bringing their young kids here was so awe-inspiring to see!

    #TheMighty #empowering #Selflove


    #Recovery #Healing #sharingiscaring

    I am starting my training to work on the #CrisisTextLine tonight. I have done a lot of #peercounseling over the years, but I am really excited about this. I have worked on other #Crisis  #phone lines before but its very  #empowering for me. My journey in  #Recovery has been a long, sometimes painful  #learning experience But it feels good to #sharemystory . #Depression has been my enemy for most of my life but I have been  #Learningtolovemyself and in turn #givingback !

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    I just wanted to write this to remind myself and anyone reading, that no matter how dark we might get, no matter how confused, frustrated and simply out of touch we may find ourselves—we will find ourselves again. Life is not a straight line and you will not always be in this straight jacket of a mind—so hold on and please remember to let go because you must. You are not broken, you are not weak, you are not conditional or stuck. You are boundless, in fact, and unconditionally loved by something greater whether you can feel it now or not.
    But you will feel it someday. I promise.

    #empowering #Hope #Notetoself #loveyourself


    On point #Recovery

    I have a mood disorder along with dissociative anxiety disorder you can imagine what that does to one's mental and emotional well being. I suffered for years thank God for my daughter Shenequa Fisher along with the talented staff of psychiatices staff of Jameas A Harley VA hospital that worked tirelessly day and night #we are for our veterans #empowering the veterans. That now I am fully recovering from what feels like a whole life trauma. Give thanks to the most high God for allowing me to be here right here at this moment writing this little thank you note #freeyourminds


    Major move anxiety

    My family is looking for a house and it's been very stressful. The #Anxiety is high, but it's actually really #empowering to feel like I've gotten some control over my life. Some anxiety now may hopefully lead to a happier circumstance.