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    Hi again. Im struggling with something and thought I’d post and see if you all might have gone through something like this and how you handled it. I haven’t been able to work in years, and my Dad and ex husband have helped me alot financially. Since my Dad passed, I’ve been living on a small amount monthly from my ex—he’s on disability and only gets so much money. Anyway, now that Dads gone, my stepmother is in charge financially, and helps me each month too. The problem is that I have never liked or trusted her, and she happens to own the house my Dad gave me. She’s basically said that I have until next May to live here, and them shes going to either sell my house and land or maybe tear the house down if it needs repairs.

    I feel sick to my stomach when I think of this happening. My Dad bought this for me in 2014 when I moved back home here after getting divorced, and I love to be here with my pets. Plus Dad and his siblings had to sell our family farm in 2019, which meant losing my beautiful farm and the big, beautiful house I grew up in. After losing all of that and losing Dad in 2020, this house is all I have. Not to mention this is where Dad and I lived together for several years while I was caring for him. I have so many memories of us here, and I don’t want to leave. 😔

    I don’t think there’s anything I can do and it just kills me. Plus, Im going through health issues and have been for awhile, and she and my aunt want to put me in an assisted living place because they cant take care of me. Im like, hello? I do all of the things I always have, except for letting things slide like housework and laundry and stuff. Plus I’ve lost like 50 pounds in a little over a year without trying to, and for some reason these are reasons to kick me out of my home. Ive talked to many people about this and everyone says I do not qualify for assisted living. Ive even had me lady talk to my aunt and stepmother to tell them this. It didn’t really help. My aunt has washed her hands of me because I wont do things her way, and my stepmother still talks about it saying “I need you to do this Im worried about you.” Give me a break!!

    Thesr two never helped me with Daddy the whole time he was here with me, and didn’t seem to mind that every thing was on my shoulders. Im truly grateful I got to have time with my Dad and I miss him like crazy, but not having help til near the end when my stepmother deigned to hire an aide for him, was overwhelming. I believe one of the reasons I’m sick is from putting all of my energy into caring for Dad because I ignored my own health the whole time. Then when I lost him I had zero support from them and ended up with an eating disorder. But that doesn’t matter to them.

    Anyway, I’m stuck in this situation and its stressful. I dont have much money of my own and she owns my house until she dies. I feel so angry and frustrated I could scream!

    Ive never felt more helpless in my life, not to mention sick. I wish that I could suddenly come into money and buy this house from her. Or at least be financially independent and be able to cut ties with her completely.

    Has anyone gone through something similar and how did you deal with it?


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