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#Escitalopram #lowseratonin

Really anxious about work, this week it had peaked I feel so useless and inadequate I'm so paranoid and insecure every instruction at work feels like an attack like they're going to fire me anytime, and I started 2 months ago. I CAN'T stand feeling like this, wondering if I should increase my dosage, but also wondering if this is a result of not taking my meds for like 2 weeks in Jan 😞 but trying power on


Weaning off #Lexapro #Escitalopram

I've taken it everyday since I was 16. I recently turned 20. They are weaning me off and putting me on #cymbalta because of possible #Fibromyalgia the cymbalta helps the pain but I feel like I'm going #Crazy I'm overly #sad and #angry #frustrated I'm only down from 20mg to 10mg in 3 weeks. I'm a mess. I work in customer service so this is absolutely not okay. I need #help idk if anyone out there can help me. I've called my #Psychiatrist but I know he is not in today. I'm not a danger to myself or others. I just know and have experienced #nervousbreakdown before, and thatthat's where I'm heading fast. I'm not okay. I go to the #Rheumatologist in 2 weeks. I will ask for better therapist there, one who specializes in #ChronicIllness perhaps. Does anyone have any info on this? Can anyone shed light onto what's happening to me? #BipolarDisorder #Support #Depression #anger #MentalHealth #ChronicPain #SaveMe


Anyone on Escitalopram (known as Lexapro or Cipralex)?

Wondering if anyone else on this medication experiences dreams and or nightmares?
#Lexapro #Cipralex #Escitalopram #dreams #Nightmares


Has anyone succesfully weaned of escitalopram after years of using it?

I’ve had failed attempt after failed attempt of reducing my escitalopram dosage of only 10mg. I tried as little as 2.5mg less per day but after the withdrawal symptoms and a few weeks, my stiff arms, constant worry and depressive mood come back. My doctor says i am extremely sensitive to dosage modifications and i can only try weaning off again during a very stable period - which i’m not sure will ever come. Any good stories from those successful getting off the meds? #Escitalopram ##weaningoff

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