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I’m not as motivated as I was 5 years ago, my ptsd might be getting worse #Unproductive #Feelinglikeafailure

I can’t seem to get simple things on my today’s done. I’ve been overwhelmed by life’s challenges that I’ve lost touch with my inner self


Hello Again, #PanicAttacks

Right now, I'm back in that headspace, after so many years of being free from daily #panic . I know it's not my fault, but the negative voice inside always says this is some kind of failure on my part. Thinking rationally, I know that *so many* of my triggers have been hit lately that this is not surprising, nor is it permanent, but in these moments, it feels like I'll feel this way forever, and the negative voice says, "Since there's been no single big triggering event, you're obviously just going crazy." I'd forgotten how much I hate the feeling of the adrenaline needlessly pouring into my bloodstream, and how exhausting it is to constantly be using these mental health skills. I've done this before and come out the other side stronger, and I'll do it again, but today, I need some love from you Mighties, who know how this feels. 😢😔
#PanicDisorder #Innercritic #Feelinglikeafailure


Admitting my child to a mental health ward #Kids #sad

I admitted my 18 year old son to a mental health ward last night for severe depression and thoughts of suicide. Im so sad & just want him happy again. I thought things were going so well.....


Dose anyone care?

I was out of school for a few days due to mental illness. I got a note from my doctor but my teachers didn’t accept the note and now I’m failing my classes because of my absences. I by if I had cancer they would care. I bet hey would accept that doctors note. But they won’t accept a note for depression and ptsd. It feels like they don’t care. I couldn’t function. I couldn’t sleep and when I did all I got was flashbacks and nightmares. I couldn’t eat. I had no energy and I couldn’t focus on anything. I was so tired and sluggish I couldn’t even drive. I felt like I had beecastlen drugged. What really happened? The anniversary of the day me and my ex got together was approaching. A day that I had celebrated for four years. Until he raped me. This was the first time the day had past after we broke up. It was eating me alive. We broke up but I never told anyone about what he did. It was eating me alive. I went to the doctor to get my meds hanged and to get some help. I ended up off all medications and i finally told someone what happened. I felt so much better and for the past month things have been going great. Then my teacher tells me I will fail two of my four classes because the note from my doctor was not approved by the dean. Ok so basically they don’t care? All I’ve been through and I finally feel better just for this. For me to fail my classes. And now my mom says she won’t pay for me to go to college anymore because I failed she says it’s still my responsibility. I bet if I had cancer she wouldn’t feel that way. I bet if I had cancer the dean would have understood. #FeelingAlone #PTSD #Depression #Stress #Feelinglikeafailure #Doyoucare #mystory



Today I am lonely, sad, and lost.

How are you?

This problems with my job and marriage made me feel like a failure
Today's mental health goals are to try to find some positive
These are the reasons why I'm proud of myself: I haven't given up yet
I've been thinking a lot about my faith, trying to connect more with God
I'm feeling unsuccessful today...
I want to find peace, find joy, have a stronger connection with God
I hope I can overcome what I perceive are my failures
I love my children, my family, laughing
I will continue to try #struggleisreal #MyHeartHurts #depressionsucks #Feelinglikeafailure


Feeling like a failure. I’m pushing myself really hard with school, work, and internship. I’m exhausted and my bf and I want to workout and cook and and and. I just don’t have the energy or time for it. My mind feels all cloudy and my body feels tingly. I cried myself to sleep last night. I don’t know how I’ll be able to continue balancing everything. It sucks. I hate it. I don’t know what to do. I’m a social worker I know about self care and I don’t even have time to take care of myself. #Selfcare #Feelinglikeafailure #Anxiety #Depression #Sotiredithurts

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Rant of the day

Just got back to work after a sickday. I really hate the looks of my co-workers. I know they try. But sometimes I can just see how they judge me because I look the same every day and they don’t see anything wrong with me. #InvisibleDisability #EDS #Feelingsorryformyself #Feelinglikeafailure


How many people are struggling with anxiety/depression over feeling like a failure at everything? Like a to-do list defines your worth/usefullness? #Depression #Anxiety #Feelinglikeafailure #Failingatlife



I put a smile on my face and pretend everything’s great just so I can hide from my husband how I really feel