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Feeling stuck, any thoughts? #ChronicPain #feelingstuck #depressed

I've had undiagnosed chronic hip/back pain for just over 4 years now (waiting for an exploratory surgery that will hopefully find the issue.) I'm 22, unable to study, and unable to work.
Just feeling very stuck and depressed, and just not sure what to do with myself most days.
Does anyone have any advice or guidance to offer?
What are you able to do that has some meaning and purpose that doesn't completely tax your body?


New Opportunities

I can't stay at home. I want to go back to school and get my music therapy degree. But, I feel like I can't be out on my own because of my mental health. I just feel so stuck right now. Suggestions? #CheckInWithMe #BipolarDisorder #feelingstuck


Feeling stuck

Why am I stuck? I’m scared, I’m scared of change, scared of loosing things that I’m used too. I’m a creature of habit. But what I’m slowly realising is that this fear of change is a part of my anxiety. It’s stopping me from finding a new job. I’m doubting myself and my abilities that I look at jobs and think to myself, I can’t do that. Most decent paid jobs need you to drive. I have put off learning to drive for so long now, no money and anxiety being the main factors. My anxiety has held me back for so long. The voice inside that tells me and pushes me to do crazy things like martial arts tells me I can do it easily but my anxiety drowns it out and I doubt myself and end up not doing a thing.
I want to move forward but I’m scared, I feel alone in how I feel and utterly scared to talk to anyone about it because I feel stupid. Like it’s something wrong.

#feelingstuck #Anxiety #scared #scaredofchange #feelingstupid


Hating these panic attacks!

Last night I had a panic attack while driving home 😭 I can’t deal with these attacks anymore and I don’t know what else to do. I feel like I’ve tried everything but nothing seems to be working 😔😔😔 #PanicAttacks #feelingstuck

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Struggling with strength

I usually find the small things so helpful to focus on during the week, but I admit to being a bit lost during this one. It’s been a rough week and just getting through all the things I had to felt so very hard. It doesn’t help that this past weekend I opened up to my boyfriend about a traumatic event—one I don’t talk about ever, really—and though he was very compassionate in the moment, this week I felt like he was very disconnected. In a good week, or on a good day, I might describe myself as a strong person, but now I worry that maybe I was too needy this week, that opening up will actually be too much for him. And that scares me. And the fact that I’m worrying so much about being too needy—that annoys me. So I’m left with these negative emotions— feeling bad and then feeling bad about feeling bad. I know I have strengths, but right now I just can’t see them through all my weaknesses.
#52SmallThings #Depression #feelingstuck #FeelingAlone


There are days that I feel like I had it all together. Days that I feel like I can conquer myself. Days that I feel like I’ve unlocked the secrets of the universe. But most days I’m feeling the opposite and it’s paralyzing.

#Feelingsorryformyself #feelingstuck


#CheckInWithMe Needing Prayer #prayers 😬😬

Would you please send all your love and prayers to me and my family tonight? I have a loved one who was hospitalized today. Thank you!
#Anxiety #anxious #Prayersneeded #scared #CheckInWithMe #feelinghelpless #Feelingoverwhelmed #feelingstuck #Feeling


Rough day #feelingstuck

Today was one of those days that I was debating on not going to work. It took about 15 minutes for me to get out of bed, and my body and mind are fighting me at my work desk. Any encouragements or advice or dealing w/ fatigue & pain at the office? #LymeDisease #ChronicIllness #Depression