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Have you ever been there for everybody but in the end it's just you?
I've been doing a lot of stuff for the people I cared, yesterday I exploded. I live with my family, and they ask me why I was acting like that. I told them I felt like I was doing too much. But the words I most remember they say we're: that's because you want to do them. You are not essential, your help is good but not as necessary as you think.

I think I only wanted to hear something like: we see you are giving your best, thank you. We will do everything we can to reduce the amount of work you do.

But I just end up feeling like trash. #Crying #help #feelinglonely #Feelingunappreciated

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Deactivating Facebook.... #unsocial #Feelingunappreciated

I took the decision to deactivate facebook. I was on it far too much and had gotten to the point where i was looking at others lives and feeling a failure. Since deactivation not one person has checked to see if I am ok....
It feels like it has added to my suspicions that no one really cares anymore

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Exhausted #Tiredofbeingtired #bipolartype #Feelingunappreciated

Between WFH, taking two online college classes, being a mom of 4, who range from 21 to 15, dealing with custody with my ex and Covid had me moving back to town and now trying to find a place and not sure what to do. Currently house sitting for my brother, but his lease is up July 31st.. So stressed 😫 I don't really eat, sleep or have a clue what to do or when I would even have time
.. #needingstrength #justkeeppushingon #Advice


#Feelingunappreciated and #sad #extremeaniexty

For 3 months I've been off of work do to #COVID19 the first week I cried I was so #depressed , then I cleaned and after a month or so I my anxiety was worse than ever and I was going thru sleeping all day and being up all night cleaning and becoming very OCD then I started doing more for loved ones buying them stuff and always being there for them and I would cry in silence because I know I was being tooken advantage of....So the last two weeks I have been do angry and mad that at 50 I'm rebelling and trying to live it up... spending way to much money and regretting it in spiralling out and I feel like I'm gonna crash....I wish my family would just accept me for me and not lable me as Angry Lori....im tired of this .....

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Big Empty

If I had wings, I'd leave everything behind. I've been dealing with a lot at work and at home. I have men in my life in both of those places and none of them pay attention to me. I never being up me internal struggles to many, I find myself thinking about it all at work only to cry myself to sleep in the safety of my bedroom. That seems to be the heaven for me, while outside is Hell itself. I still struggle with the idea that I'm needed in this world. In my mind, it feels like I'm unwanted, disregarded, and occasionally acknowledged. I sit on the bathroom floor after coming home sometimes. I'm either letting things sink in or I'm crying my eyes out while trying not to make a lot of noise. I count they days until I see the psychologist. More and more I feel empty inside. More and more I feel like I need to distract myself from these intense emotions. More and more I think about dying. I don't expect much anymore, nor do I feel that there is anyone who can really understand me. #MentalHealth #Depression #Sadness #Emptiness #intenseemotions #Feelingunappreciated #feelinglonely #FeelingEmpty #Feelingsad #insidemyownhead #keepingthingstomyself #heaven #hell

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Being there..

I am struggling with feeling inadequate in the care and time I have put forth to help my friend with her baby. I feel like she is relying on me like a spouse or partner. I was at the hospital from the Sunday, 15th to Wednesday, 3 am 18th After we got this little man here after 40 plus hours of labor and an C-Section unplanned...I bottomed out. So instead of coming back to the hospital I had to go home and crash for 10 hours. She was still very drugged and has expressed she felt hurt and disappointed like she had been abandoned. I don't feel like how I felt mattered which led to my abrupt self preservation decision. She is not in the right mind set for her to hear me. Any thoughts of encouragement or thoughts on a better way to communicate with her at this time would be much appreciated. #lostinmyownmind #Feelingunappreciated #iamanempath



I’m just so done with everything. I don’t know how to explain to people that I just want to give up. I’m tired of fake friends and people who don’t understand or just say “it’ll be ok”. I’m starting to lose my belief in ever finding joy. #Depression #Anxiety #Feelingunappreciated #exhausted

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Any careers out there who are parents of a 20-something with bipolar, ADD, GAD? #Carer #Parent #Daughter with mental illness #Bipolar #ADD #GAD #Feelingoverwhelmed #Feelingunappreciated

I would like to contact other parents with similarities to my situation to start up a conversation about the difficulties faced by carer parents of children/adult children with mental illness - specifically mood disorders, ADD and GAD.