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So tired...

Hi. I'm new here and am so glad to find this group. I have MS and chronic fatigue is one of my main symptoms. I'm so tired of apologizing for it!!!! #Tiredofbeingtired

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Exhaustive and Exhausting Resources

Everyone wants to give me resources, not knowing how exhausting it is to sort through them all and reach out to them all, only to be refused or told to call or contact somewhere else. I feel burned out on even trying to help myself.

I know that I have to "do the work," I just wish I had someone helping me more than giving me endless resources to research and navigate.

#imtired #burnedout #Tiredofbeingtired #Health #MentalHealth #exhaustion #FeelingAlone

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Not unvalidated

Battling multiple chronic illnesses for years now, still seen as healthy because I don't 'look sick'. Even went to surgery, but still cast among healthy individuals whom are LESS than half as productive as i am. While I'm expected to do more while they do even less as time goes by. It gets more and more frustrating. Not asking to be treated differently, just fairly! #Tiredofbeingtired

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I’m fine

What happens when you tell people the truth ? What makes you reply “I’m fine , when you really you are not ?
#ImFine #youarenotalone #sickofbeingsick #Tiredofbeingtired #OnedayAtaTime #itsgoodtotalk #Bekind #listen



Anyone else? But for some reason, my chronic fatigue fades a little by night time. Maybe because I've been in bed most of the day. But I do feel like the cooler night time weather helps...

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No meme today

Sorry guys that I didn’t post yesterday. I had my newest specialist appointment and she wants me to come back in a week to run more tests. I’m just really tired of being tired- I’m on 4000mg of diamox (the highest dose allowed!) Here’s to hoping something will change next week.
Anyway, hopefully I’ll have another meme for y’all tomorrow!
#ChronicFatigue #Fatigue #tired #Tiredofbeingtired #Doctors #diamox


Why do I always hurt the ones I love ?

I just recently found out that I am bipolar I also have epilepsy and PTSD I just don’t understand the bipolar thing I am super sweet and the nicest person in the whole world one minute and then I’m talking shit to my best friend in the whole world or my husband or one of my kids and then later I’m crying because I was so mean to them and then I say I’m sorry and I love you how do I Stop that mean devil person from coming out I can’t stand it and it just all of a sudden comes on I think people are out to get me or use me or whatever. I guess that’s part of the bipolar I just want to know how to stop it from happening #twopersonalities #thebipolardevil #makeitstop #Tiredofbeingtired

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I’m bone tired in a way I can’t explain fully. I’m a COVID nurse who has been taking care of COVID patients for six months. I had COVID in may. Im a person with Fibromyalgia and that is very sensitive to stress. I’m also the only liberal daughter in an extremely conservative family who just came out as bisexual. I’m tired. I’m tired of being different. I’m tired of being sick. I’m tired of being of the front lines fighting a pandemic that no one seems to care about. I’m angry at so many things but most I’m so so tired #Fibromyaliga #Tiredofbeingtired #COVID19 #Nurseswithhronicpain #Nurse

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Exhausted #Tiredofbeingtired #bipolartype #Feelingunappreciated

Between WFH, taking two online college classes, being a mom of 4, who range from 21 to 15, dealing with custody with my ex and Covid had me moving back to town and now trying to find a place and not sure what to do. Currently house sitting for my brother, but his lease is up July 31st.. So stressed 😫 I don't really eat, sleep or have a clue what to do or when I would even have time
.. #needingstrength #justkeeppushingon #Advice