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My hair has been suffering

I can’t tell if I’m losing more hair than normal , but I absolutely understand split ends, but I’m curious about normal hair going dry, and what I can do to get it better condition beyond getting a good cut. Especially because it’s super #Anxiety #Flashback #PanicAttacks #CPTSD #Ssdi #Hair #sad

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Prednisone # prednisone #Hair loss

Has anyone else had massive hair loss on long term prednisone medication? Does it grow back?
Before my illness I had a ponytail the diameter of a quarter, now it’s mot even close to a dime! Help………

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Prednisone and hair loss

Has anyone out there had massive hair loss while on prednisone and what helps ? # prednisone #Hair loss #Sjorgren

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Cutting my hair

It's been almost a year now that my chronic pain got much worst, turning daily task into torture. Washing and brushing my hair were one of them. For years, I didn't let any kinda scissors near them because their growth was getting slower and slower. Seeing how much I lost after washing them was making me sad and with pain and fatigue evolving, my hair became a real issue. I didn't want to cut them, they're thin and particularly fragile and having them long was a dream. Yet the work and sadness they brought me made me hate them until a week ago at 1:39 am I took the decision to finally cut them. It wasn't an easy decision but feeling so much lighter and somehow better showed me I did right. Since I did, I barely loose hair again and I don't wanna cry of sadness or exhaustion because of them anymore
#ChronicPain #ChronicFatigue #Hair #Beauty #Fibromyalgia


I have head lice #overwhelmed

I started suspecting I had head lice at the beginning of January. I booked a head lice removal service appointment in the middle of January and paid $250 for it. (Public health no longer provides any lice services in my area.) The woman who did the removal confirmed that I had lice but downplayed it so much based on the tiny bit of evidence she had found. I felt confident that I could manage the follow up treatment on my own based on the advice she gave me. I've been dutifully using my lice comb and keeping my hair pulled back when I'm out in public. But then my head started getting itchy again and I found some evidence of lice again early this week. I can't afford to pay for this lice removal service again but I am so overwhelmed trying to deal with this. I don't even know where I would have gotten lice from and I want it to just go away...

#lice #Hair #alone #CheckInWithMe

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My sister helped me wash my hair today...

As someone who loses consciousness a lot, some things that seem simple are actually quite difficult for me to do. Tidying my room is a pretty big one, especially in this horrible humid heat. I often have to actually pay her to do this, though. But if she does a good job of it, I don’t mind all that much.

I only have two friends in real life (I have many online though). One of them kind of uses me. And the other is a lady that I met through my mum. They worked together. Her name is Debbie. She’s in her 50s but I’ve always gotten on better with people that are older than me. They tend to not have so much drama! Anyway, Debbie is taking me out for a meal at a pub tomorrow. Her treat, she said!

Debbie knows that I rarely leave the house for anything other than hospital appointments, doctors visits or to collect my medication. She’s a wonderful lady. And I’d be lost without her. I plan on buying her some flowers and a bottle of wine for her kindness.

So anyway... I picked out a nice new outfit. With nice new shoes. My (hair) roots were showing pretty badly but it’s been 33°C/90°F all day. And I suffer an awful lot in the heat. I can barely do anything. Even getting up to go to the bathroom is a risk!

My sister (who is 20) and I don’t really get on all that well. She has made several horrible life choices and she’s very childish. But this afternoon she helped me dye and wash my hair ready for tomorrow. And I’m so so grateful... If only we got on like this more often.

#chronicillnesswarrior #POTS #EDS #NAFLD #BPD #InterstitialCystitis #Diabetes #Heat #toohot #Hair #HairDye #helpful