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Acceptance of your Whole Self 🌺

Acceptance of one’s whole self is seemingly difficult these days. The criticism and scepticism that people face from others on a daily basis is scary, unbelievable and daunting. I think what makes these feelings of judgement and worthlessness worse are the thoughts that we believe them to be true. These self-doubts can become debilitating at times. When these feelings and beliefs arise, I have a look at the passage below. It speaks of acceptance of one’s self. Self acceptance is vital in these times we live in. We rely on it to heal from our past to ensure we understand how to better our actions/ reactions in the future. Be patient in this process and know you are trying your best every day to simply be better than the day before. Accept the good and bad parts of yourself. Never condoning, nor judging, the side that requires the most growth. That’s all you can do. You are worth your own love 🌻🌻🌻

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Sometimes I don't want to be brave, or strong, a warrior or a survivor.
Sometimes I just want to be...not me, not someone else, just be.
Part of nothing and part of everything, wrapped in my own cocoon.

And that is perfectly okay!
#Justbe #livenow #youaremagnificent #rest #nevercompare #dowhatfeelsright #Takeyourtime #Life #mentalhealing #breatheinbreatheout #ucandounlimitedchange

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I never thought I would see this day😊 Read if you woke sad❤️

As you can see, 6 months ago I was posting some thoughts on this app. I was extremely depressed, anxious and lost. I never did think I would make it to the end of the summer of 2019.
It’s now March 2020, I am seeing an amazing therapist which I saved up for, I have new friends who make every day worth living, I have a great mindset, and I no longer feel responsible for the people around me. There’s one thing about this transformation though.
It took me 6 months.
Yes, I got to rock bottom, I went past rock bottom. But you can see where I am now, can’t you? Of course I have moment of ptsd flashbacks of self harming and experiencing my old best friend attempting suicide.
But I know how to deal with it , and it’s completely normal.
If you are going through something in your life right now; depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, self harm. Please take a minute to stop and breath.
I’ve been where you are right now. It feels like there’s no way out, nobody understands , you can’t leave the house for your own safety and for the protection of others.
Please take these 5 words from someone who’s been there, been at rock bottom, been on the brink of ending their life and seeing their best friend dying everyday , somone who got panic attacks from the thought of leaving the house, self harming because i knew that I was still alive when I saw the blood.
You will, get through this.
It takes time, it will come when your heart is ready, when your soul has found that little light that allows it to breath a little. I wish you the best , Hopfully you get the same chance I do in life. I wish you the best❤️
#Anxiety #Depression #Takeyourtime #selfharmsurvivor #Selfharm #MentalHealth #PanicAttacks #BeStrong