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× " A.H.H.H!.. The New Discovery Of If I'm An " ASEXUAL " Or " Pansexual " ?¿?¿ #Maybe .. Or Maybe NOT 🤷‍♀️🛡 # Thought's

× " So Now I'm Just Settling Into The Single World.. Kinda Ok.. But I Need My Peace Of Mind.. And For My Emotional Well-Being.. To Come 1st Before Any Realtionship... Yeah I Get Hit On By My Customer's And My Uber Driver's... And Co-Worker's... My Reaction... Is Just Like OK Whatever Move On... After All That I Have Been Through.. I Don't Think That I Will Have Room To Love Or Stay With Someone... I Honestly Don't Have A Patience Anymore.. To Care Or Love Someone Else. I'm On Another LEVEL Right Now.. As I Discover New Thing's Obviously Lol Who Know's We Will See.. Let The New Adventure's Begin Anew.. " PLEASE NO RUDE OR MEAN COMMENT'S! ".. × Sincerely, ☆▪︎SKADI▪︎☆ #Thought 's


She’d say, “Don’t forget to……

I’m 41 and realizing I grew up in a toxic household. I thought things were normal and that everyone’s parents “did that too”

Now I’m realizing my mother checked off every box of a narcissistic parent (I even feel guilty writing this, and she passed away in 2013). But I need some clarity if this was some kind of abuse or not? Is this normal?

She would constantly correct me before I made the mistake. Sometimes she wouldn’t even be in the same room and would shout from another room. For example, I’d be taking out the dog and when she heard the door open or close she’d say “don’t forget to turn the light out and lock the door!” And it would send this surge of annoyance through my body because I was just going to turn the light out and lock the door. So after I got older, I got into the habit of stating or yelling out what I was doing so she couldn’t correct me. “I’m locking the door and turning out the light!” And she’d reply “good girl”. And even that annoyed me. I find myself doing it to my husband now… I’m trying to fix this with therapy along with a boat load of things. I now get paranoid and angry about making a mistake, forgetting something.. she’s still narrating my life.

But is this called something?

#EmotionalAbuse #Maybe ?

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Anyone else have inside jokes with their family like this...?

Someone in one of the Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome groups on Facebook posted this. I couldn’t help but chuckle. For years my mum has been saying she’s going to trade me in for a newer model. And for years I’VE been saying that she should just take me to the vets so they can shoot me in the head. A mercy killing, if you will! 😝😂

#chronicillnesswarrior #ChronicPain #pots #EDS #NAFLD #bpd #InterstitialCystitis #Diabetes #Dysautonomia #Morbid #morbidjokes #ObviouslyKidding #Maybe

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Good Morning Chatties #ItsWednesdayIthink #Maybe?

Pedro is wagging his tail to say Hi
It is going like mad but you cant see it 🐾🐶 shame I cant show a video

So how are you today? What have you been doing to keep yourself busy? Have you been working or out in the garden. Maybe you have been baking or doing a hobbyist of some sort and you can share with us in ChatSpace what you do!!!

Me I've been laying on the sofa doing nothing!!!! Literally nothing.
Ha ha
Reserving my strength for a mammoth cupcakes making session tomo for VE day and a neighbours on Friday.

It is a national Bank holiday on Friday and my little community are having a Social distancing street party of sorts.

To celebrate a birthday and VE day. Victory in Europe 75th anniversary.

So I'm making 48 cupcakes and piping icing tomo. 🧁🧁🧁🧁

So tell me what you are doing.

Love n hugs Tj
Pepper says 'oof too 🐾🐶❤🤗😁😅😋😃🙋‍♀️😏
#Chatspace #Talking #venting #SpaceForYou #Bekind #loveyourself #checkonyourneighbours #Kindness #Lovenhugs #nojudgement #Rantaway #PedronPepper #DogsRbest #baking #hobbies #keepingbusy #JustChatting #SocialDistancingStreetParty #VEday #75thAnniversary


fibromyalgia maybe??

so I think I may have fibromyalgia,can someone please tell me if my symptoms add up. so for months I’ve had chronic fatigue that comes and goes and I’ve also had neck,jaw,back,leg,hand pain etc. I also experience dizziness when standing, abdomen pain, and sometimes I feel like my hands and feet are burning or like pins and needle sensations, I don’t know if this is a Fibro symptom,but like burning aching skin. my symptoms get worse after stressful times,also headaches. # fibromyalgia #symptoms #Maybe?? #reply



I just want the ringing in my ears to stop. Someone please make it stop.
During the day I’m fine. I’m distracted by other sounds. But at night it ROARS. I can’t pay attention to the TV for distraction. I can’t even thinking in full sentences I feel like. The white noise doesn’t even block it out anymore. I’m just so frustrated I want it to stop.
No one understands.
#MenieresDisease #Maybe #Migraines