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It Feels Like a Good Day for a Transformation Thursday!

What is one area in your life that you’d like to prioritize/improve to benefit your overall mental health?

What are some practical steps that you think you could take to make this change occur?

Share in the comments below!

#MentalHealth #mentalhealthwarriors #MentalHealthAwareness #CopingTips #Anxiety #Depression #PTSD #transformation #BeTheChange #YoungAdults &MentalHealth

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Meet Annie!

Hey everyone!

My name is Annie and I am the community leader for the Young Adults & Mental Health Mighty Group.

I’m so excited to connect with you and find common ground on all things mental health. Through my mental health journey and the MH journeys of my loved ones, I have experienced the extreme lack in conversations surrounding mental health in everyday conversations.

I hope through this community, you can find a group of friends you can relate to and you can feel comfortable expressing yourself, on your good days, bad days, and days of uncertainty. You’ve got this!

#MentalHealth #mentalhealthwarriors #destigmatizementalhealth #Anxiety #Depression #Talk #Support

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One of those days

I feel like shit today I’m not even sure why, my day was completely normal until I burst into tears and felt depressed out of the fucking blue, and it makes me wonder how do you get there? BPD amezes me every time, even the smallest inconvenient can turn your engines on and that’s a hell of a ride with an unclear comeback ticket. It’s a roller coaster of emotions that normally ends with guilt, shame and an enormous fear of being judged. Even do crisis don’t happen as often as they used to it’s always exhausting, confusing and debilitating and I’m sick of it. Sick of feeling alone, sick of being so damn emotional, sick of getting so frustrated with the samallest things. I constantly try to lock myself in a bubble because I’m really sensitive and i can broke down easily but I’ve learned that is just fantasy, eventually something bursts my bubble and i get anxious and my senses start to alarm and I fucking lose control until I cannot longer recognize myself or reality. I haven’t quite figure out pain yet, maybe it just wants to chat and drink a cup of coffee. Idk, I’m sorry pain, I’m still afraid of you.

#BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #bpdisexhaustin #Depression #mentalhealthwarriors

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Please don’t leave me

Abandonment issues is something I deal with on a daily basis, I’m really afraid of being alone and I’m constantly in a defensive state where I’m specting the worst and I’m afraid I’m not gonna be able to survive by myself. My las relationship was toxic and emotionally abusive, I preferred to be mistreated than to be by myself, somehow it seems a lot less terrifying the constant fights and the emotional roller coaster than the emptiness I feel when I found myself with no one else than my thoughts. We were on and off for almost 4 years, I was constantly asking him if he loved me , if he was gonna stay; spolier alert he didn’t loved and he didn’t stay. I blamed myself for everything even when he left me 4 times and I always was there waiting for him, even when he lied to me, even when he say he would change and he didn’t , even when he stop trying and I said that it didn’t matter aslong as he wouldn’t leave me. I devalued myself for him, and for a lot of people because I didn’t want to be alone, my mentality used to be “I’ll do anything but please don’t leave me” until I broke down really hard, I got infected with Covid- 19 and my already broken psyche couldn’t handle it anymore and I went on the worst crisis I ever had (still recovering from it). Somehow I got courage from this dark place and I ended my relationship who btw was already planing to leave, meaningless friendship and my unsatisfactory work , I couldn’t do it anymore everything was hurting me and I was holding so tightly that I was the one who was hurting me the most. Currently I’m trying to heal, luckily enough I found a really good therapist an psychiatrist also my meds are working just fine! I have no answer and I still struggle but I have hope, and if you are reading this belive there’s hope for you too ✨.

#Confession #Crisis #MentalHealthHero #mentalhealthwarriors #traumasurviviors #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder

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The "happy" mask so no one asks if I'm okay! I'm sure we can all relate to this! #Depression #SuicidePrevention #mentalhealthwarriors

I just wanted to share this with all of you bcuz thank goodness we're still here, but they just couldn't deal with the pain anymore! I've thought about it a lot! People would be surprised just who really has depression & who doesn't! You know that exact same smile that we put on our faces, don't want anyone worrying about us! Being a burden to our family/friend's! I have been through the worst & back! And I'm still healing, learning, adapting to my depressive episodes & my mania! I truly believe these people didn't want to be a burden to the world & have to look at their disappointed families, friend's, fans all feeling sorry for them! I hope wherever they are now they're still smiling just like this! Look what Mental Illness does, it rips incredible talent right out of our lives! Steals us from our family, friend's, the world, OURSELVES! I hope you all can look at this pic & see someone that touched your life in a great way! I know many have mine! 😘🙏💕✌️💖☯️💪🙋‍♀️


New to app

Hey everyone, I’ve only just downloaded this app, how great is it!! I often write my feelings down to get them out of my head and off the replay loop. Ive just uploaded one of these I - hope it resonates with some of you and I look forward to engaging with people just as dedicated to mental health awareness as myself. #mentalhealthwarriors #WritingThroughIt #Anxiety #Depression #Bipolar #INFP