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A few pics of my happy place

Here is one pic that my neighbor took of the propery I just sold to her & her husband. I've loved it since I was a kid. It's so peaceful and beautiful. I've always had some sort of spiritual connection. I hated to sell it but my neighbor's have assured me that I can go there any time. They know how hard it was for me to let it go. I wish I could add more than one photo. The trails are kind of magical. #Myhappyplace

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Self Care

It’s been a long, emotional week. My therapist suggested I try an ACA meeting to help me further deal with my childhood. Because of certain things in life, my anxiety has been wicked high. It’s been a week of stress and tears. It’s been a week of strong dreams, night mares and panic attacks. The one place that brings me peace is sitting on the lower deck, by my fire pit. My husband is still working and I’ve put my kids to bed. Taking an hour or so to relax and breathe. #Anxiety #Selfcare #Myhappyplace

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Thankful for a better day

Ahhh summer... or at least it feels like it. It was a crazy busy day. I was on the go from 9 am until 6 pm but I still managed to #getoutside why... because that is #Myhappyplace . Moving my body is what helps clear my mind when I feel overwhelmed, stressed, sadness, grief, anxiety or any of the other 100 emotions I can feel in a given day. After being poked by my physiotherapist #ims , zapped by my naturopath #neurofeedback therapy and my car searched by CBSA #myluckyday , I could have come home and crashed on the couch...but, I knew my #body #mind and #spirit would all be in a better place if I took the 40 min to get some fresh air, sunshine and deep breaths. It was a long day but I never regret taking the time for me. #healthybody #healthymind #MentalHealth #strongereachday #OnedayAtaTime #risingstrong #healingjourney #ChronicIllness #Fibromyalgia #Selflove #Mindfulness #MyJourney #Spoonie