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What do I sabotage my chance of a relationship?

I’ve been single for a long time, I divorced my abusive husband in 2006.. since then I’ve never been able to keep a relationship. Either my choices were bad, or the guys I met only wanted one thing!
Now I’ve been given many chances of meeting guys only to sabotage before I even meet them, I’ll be weird in hopes that it will put them off, I’ll pull away and make up excuses for why I can’t meet them. I’ll use my illnesses as another excuse.
The thing is I long for a good, healthy relationship. I just never think it’s going to happen. I’ll even push a guy away as if I’m testing him, just to see if he sticks around. Then when he don’t that just proves I was right all along. I’ve gotten used to the fact that I’m single and have been for a long time.
Why do I sabotage any chances I get?
#selfsabotage #BPD #ChronicPain #Relationships #single #Sabotage #Loneliness #Anxiety #Depression #EUPD emotionally unstable personality disorder #healthymind


How to achieve healthy Mindset During Lockdown #lonely

What is a Healthy Mindset ?

Mindset is a set of assumptions, notions, beliefs and ideologies a person carries on oneself or a person or a set of groups. Mindset means a collection of thoughts and beliefs which help in shaping habits. Habits in the long run form a lifestyle. It is crucial to start with, working on developing a positive and healthy mindset. The development of a healthy mindset starts with self-love. Accepting yourself as who you are and being friends with yourself. Being mindful of how you talk to yourself. Are you critical? Do you use harsh words to describe yourself?. Unless you feel good in your own skin (Self-love), it is unimaginable to even feel the urge to work on yourself? So if you feel ready to start this process of growth then follow along.

Next question which will strike you: How to develop a Healthy Mindset !

Developing a healthy mindset starts from what you are feeding your body and mind. Imagine you are feeding your mind with negative news, negative comments about yourself and you aren’t giving anything positive to yourself like reading books, getting involved in activities that can bring growth, discovering new perspectives or generally accepting our reality. Imagine the same for your body, you are eating junk food and not exercising, so would you have a flattering body? the chances of that happening are very minuscule. What we feed our body and mind, it is replicated in our conversations, how we will feel about ourselves and others and how others view us. Reading books (finding your genre, exploring), listening to podcasts, listening to mourning affirmations, practicing journalism and meditation, inculcating these activities in your daily life will serve as exercising your mind daily, it is a gym for your brain. The same goes for your body, be mindful of what you eat, listen, speak, time you spend daily working on your body and take a good look at the type of people you surround yourself with. Read more at-
#COVID19 #healthymind #Loneliness

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3 good things #Positivity #healthymind #Journaling

I've been listing 3 good things that happen to me daily for many years. I thought tonight it might help to share and ask you to join me.
1. Received a sweet gift from a co-worker
2. The weather is ideal
3. Wine for dinner

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Thankful for a better day

Ahhh summer... or at least it feels like it. It was a crazy busy day. I was on the go from 9 am until 6 pm but I still managed to #getoutside why... because that is #Myhappyplace . Moving my body is what helps clear my mind when I feel overwhelmed, stressed, sadness, grief, anxiety or any of the other 100 emotions I can feel in a given day. After being poked by my physiotherapist #ims , zapped by my naturopath #neurofeedback therapy and my car searched by CBSA #myluckyday , I could have come home and crashed on the couch...but, I knew my #body #mind and #spirit would all be in a better place if I took the 40 min to get some fresh air, sunshine and deep breaths. It was a long day but I never regret taking the time for me. #healthybody #healthymind #MentalHealth #strongereachday #OnedayAtaTime #risingstrong #healingjourney #ChronicIllness #Fibromyalgia #Selflove #Mindfulness #MyJourney #Spoonie


Too much

And if ever you feel that I am “too much” for you,
please feel free to let me go to where I am not.
Let me go to where I am enough,
for I am not “too much” for the right place.
In my place,
where I belong,
this “too much” is just the beginning of much more.
            -  Dr Boon
#MightyPoets #selfcare #healthymind #PersonalGrowth