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Baking Therapy

As someone on TPN, I don't consume meals or desserts. I still love to bake. When I'm feeling halfway decent, I bake and smell it. I give my goodies to my two closet neighbors or staff at my Immunologist's office. I've heard that it's always delicious. #bakingtherapy #Foodforthought #chronicillnesswarrior #TPN #patientadvocate

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Too many times, we get caught up in the idea of perfection. Whether you're recovering from a traumatic injury, finding your way back to yourself post-stroke, or embarking on another challenging journey, it's important to remember that progress is progress, no matter how imperfect. One movement, however difficult or tenuous, is a movement. A step forward, however unsteady, is a step forward. A less-painful day is still a better day than yesterday.

Perfection is a lie. Here's the truth: all progress adds up to the final result of you reaching your goals. Keep at it!

#perseverence #progress #truestrength #Survivor #Foodforthought #Dailyinspiration #StrokeSurvivorsNeverQuit #AneurysmSurvivorsNeverQuit #FindingForward


We’re a community that supports each other by sharing our experiences.
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Are you tired? You've earned a rest. But what you haven't earned is a free pass to quit!

When I was waiting for life-saving surgery after suffering an aneurysms and a dissected artery, I dealt with an unbearable migraine for weeks on end. After living a life of day-to-day torture, I had all but given up. But on the Fourth of July, while thinking about so many people gearing up for celebration, my impulse to throw in the towel changed. I made the decision to keep fighting, regardless of the outcome, and make it through another day despite how dire my situation was. But what did I do before I recovered? I rested. A lot.

After learning how to refuel and recharge myself, I was in that much of a better position for making progress. So if you're tired from chronic pain, constantly battling setbacks, or another struggle, here's your sign: Rest, but don't you dare quit. Give yourself some time and space to recuperate, then get back up!

#neverquit #persevere #Survivor #Foodforthought #Dailyinspiration #StrokeSurvivorsNeverQuit #AneurysmSurvivorsNeverQuit #FindingForward

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Be kind to yourself

I am trying to hang on to this though thoughtout the ups and downs I e been going through lately. It's a good reminder to be patient with myself and let myself be a human, fall and pick myself back up just as I would do for anyone else. I need to remember to give myself the same breathing room that I do others.
#Foodforthought #Anxiety #Depression #positive #patience

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I Like How I Get Punished For Questioning The Nature Of Our Collectibe Reality. (Being Facetious)

How Is It As A Society We Judge Others Based Off Of Appearance? Like Would You Not Help A Person In Need Because They Appear Unclean?? Like Does It Change A Persons Character When They Appear To Not Be Fashion Focused?? Does It Not Make A Person A Millionaire Because They Don’t Look The Part?? We As A Species Really Need To Re-evaluate Our Priorities Like Seriously. #Foodforthought #IntelligentConversation

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What foods, beverages, over the counter medications etc. Have you found or learned affect your symptoms?

I looked at a box of caffeine pills today and it said not to use it if you're on lithium. I'm pretty deep into my caffeine addiction currently so it has me digging. Then as I read about that Advil and Aleve came up as well. I'm really curious to see what ya'lls experience has been! #BipolarDisorder #Bipolar1Disorder #PsychiatricMedication #Education #MightyTogether #Depression #Mania #Hypomania #MixedState #Foodforthought

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#Foodforthought ?

Stumbled upon this "fact" and it definitely distracted me, in an unsettling way, as if i'm being told my thinking processes might be off. Ha! I've had to push this thought aside but would love to know how others feel about this "fact". True for you? Malarkey? Not even worth pondering?



I was never the kid that made her bed or did her laundry without being told. As a matter of fact I as a teenager I use to take my clothes to the local ‘wash, dry, fold’ to avoid listening to my mother’s mouth and so I wouldn’t have to by new clothes for something clean to wear. It wasn’t that I was a dirty person, I just felt I could be spending my time doing other BETTER things like reading, writing, painting, NOT doing laundry because bleck.
Now I find myself the adult who manic cleans to soothe anxiety and has become irrationally clean in her environment because that seems to be the only way I feel as though I have any control. The weight of my former responsibilities that seems to bog me down, now keep me grounded. I reach for a sponge instead of a razor, I no longer cut but clean. I clean until painted joints scream, my back throbs, and the pores in my sinuses remind me that bleach is not oxygen.
As I sit here writing this I have the urge to mop my floor but can’t because I am working and taking a short break. Is this not the same? Trading one bad habit for another in sheep’s clothing? I am not self harming in a traditional sense anymore but I am purposefully running myself into the ground to feel something other than anxious, upset, or anger.
Granted there are no bandages but aren’t my scented candles technically covering wounds too?

#Anxiety #Foodforthought #Depression #unhappy

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Moving Forward or Falling Behind #Foodforthought #Scleroderma

As the summer comes to an end and fall breezes in, I can’t help but think to myself that we as a Country are not prepared for what is to come. Whispers of a second round of CoVid19 are spreading along with a major presidential election and rumors of a vaccine. What is true or false? How can we know for sure if a potential vaccine is safe? Especially for scleroderma patients? What is going to happen to us as a Nation if we are thrown into a reoccurrence of the pandemic? Economically, finically, emotionally, physically, medically? All of this and to top it all off we are a country divided by blue and red politically, we are racially divided like never before and we are separated by the “masks wearers” and those who choose not to mask! Stress is a major cause of flare ups for people living with Scleroderma. How can we keep cool, calm, and collected when our very surroundings are crumbling?