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What Would You Like To Do For The Rest of Your Life Despite Chronic Illness?

I'm so aware reading articles and blog posts can be tiring and time consuming, especially when living with chronic illness.

I've been writing for #TheMighty for over 6 years, blogging for 8 years and had my first book published in 2022.

I love that usually when my writing is published in any form, I get feedback from some readers that it was just what they needed to read.

Sometimes that might be feedback from one person who was in a place where they needed someone to really understand what they were going through. Sometimes the posts reaonate with 100's if not 100 000's of people. I really never know what the response will be, it's so hit and miss.

My aim with my writing and patient advocacy activities has always been to reach at least one person in their hour of need. That makes it all worthwhile.

With this blog post, I'd really like to encourage you to read it if the following applies to you:

1. You feel chronic illness has taken everything from you and it's all you can think about or,

2. You feel like you are at the point where you want to do more with your life, despite chronic illness but need some help or,

3. You just feel stuck and are not sure how to move forward or what you might be capable of doing.

This post is available on my blog and on my Podcast if listening, rather than reading, is easier for you.

Both links are below.

Above all, thank you to everyone who does take the time to read and give me feedback. I appreciate it so much.

Sam 💚

What Would You Like To Do For The Rest of Your Life?

Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast: What Would You Like To Do For The Rest of Your Life, Despite Chronic Illness?

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What Would You Like To Do For The Rest of Your Life, Despite Chronic Illness? by Medical Musings With Sam

When we live with chronic illness, the concept of continuous improvement seems almost ridiculous doesn’t it. But is it? Our lives, while significantly impacted by our diseases, don’t need to be completely dictated by them. We can make changes which will catapult us into a new future. We can see our new circumstances as a time of opportunity, rather than a time of retreat and despair.
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Pink slipped

I was laid off from my job, because my boss said "we are going in a different direction." I'm feeling defeated. Trying to keep calm and am 🙏 remembering this scripture.his will not mine#Plans to prosperprospeprosper, not to harm you.

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What are some plans you’ve had to put on hold due to your health or uncertainty? #CheckInWithMe

Whether you’re a planner or more spontaneous (or somewhere in between), what is something you have had to put on hold due to your health or uncertainty? Maybe it was something “small” like a day with friends or a shopping trip. Or maybe it was something “bigger” like a vacation, going to college or starting a new job.

I’ve made my fair share of cancelations due to my health. I have had to cancel a lot of plans because I could shake my anxiety or I was dealing with a chronic pain flare-up wasn’t subsiding any time soon.

And then there are the times I’ve canceled because of uncertainty. Either I didn’t have all the details of the plan and I felt too nervous to ask for them, or I didn’t have a good gut feeling about it. I’ve even had to put plans on hold, as many others have as well, due to the uncertainty of the pandemic.

I would love if you’d share with me some plans that you’ve had to put on hold due to your health or some uncertainty you’ve faced in the comments below.

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#Suicide #Plans #means #SuicdalThoughts and "Being selfish"

Unfortunately I have several mental health conditions, Borderlinepd, Scitzoeffectivepd, Depression, Anxiety intrusive thoughts and a wicked suicidal ideology.

.... Now I want to make this clear from the get go.......
Right this minute yes I want to kill myself.
Right this minute I am suicidal.
Right this minute i have means to die close to me.
Right this minute I'm SAFE, WELL and I DO NOT need emergency services to be involved.

Now that's done and said I have persistent suicidal plans, means and couldn't care less about the world✌️

I however have shared this alot of people I'm very open and honest about my state of mind, The masks off.

I've often been called selfish for these thoughts because if I died people would miss me, These are the people who arnt here at 5am when I'm crying myself to sleep, These people don't watch people who arnt real appear and vanish... They don't hear voices that scare us... What is selfish is these people expecting us to carry on existing because they might be Sad...

Do you know how much emotional pain im in?


Am I the only one who makes plans with full intentions on attending, but always finds a way out? I immediately feel trapped. #Plans #Nomotivation