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    Hope this makes you feel relieved somehow. #Anxiety #ruminatingthoughts

    Like I already wrote before on Mighty, I struggle with anxiety and ruminating thoughts. More specifically, it started by being health anxiety, but now I mostly feel anxious with pretty much everything.
    I want to tell you that anxiety is a LIAR. It makes you feel so guilty and sometimes extremely scared. Physical symptoms also became apart of it now.
    I’m telling you, it’s not that deep. Anxiety makes you feel like there’s no escape, you’re constantly thinking about the same thing, over and over.
    Anxiety makes you believe that what you think it’s true, what you think it’s gonna happen. No. That’s not how it works. Your brain is scaring you and it’s making you believe that the worst outcome of a situation it’s gonna happen. NO! You are safe, you are ok. This is a process. Mental health issues can be so tricky, but remember these are only thoughts. These are only in your head and that’s because you force yourself to think about them every single day. You are now used to them, so you now think that this is your reality.
    Keep yourself busy, exercise, do not isolate yourself because when we’re alone that’s when our thoughts hits us the most. I hope somehow this helped and just know that you’re not alone. My inbox is always open in case you need to talk to me and share your journey or your story. I’m here. Let’s share our coping ways and support each other.

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    Scared of the Unknown

    So I've been dealing with some physical symptoms that have been interrupting my sleep every night for several months. I don't remember the last time I slept through the night because it's been that long. Anyway I went to the doctor yesterday and they are testing my blood but in the meantime I'm trying not to completely 'what-if' myself into either depression or anxiety. The doctor named off a few things she thought it could be...not sure if that was a good or bad idea on her part because anxiety. I just wanted to come on here and ask for prayers. I'm worried about what it could or couldn't be and it's wearing me out. #Anxiety #Depression #ruminatingthoughts #Insomnia #prayersplease

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    I’m new here and seeing a new doc who prescribed a med for ruminating thoughts. What’s that mean? Anyone else have that too?

    #newbie #Abilify #Anxiety #PanicAttacks #Insomnia #ruminatingthoughts

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    #Selfcare #selfworthselfesteem #ruminatingthoughts #Bipolar1 #GAD #Depression #Reflection

    The committee in my head does not want to stop the intense berating, sadistic self-talk, trying to take hold. Connecting the dots leading to the genesis is invaluable but I’m STUCK😲. I’m assigning myself the following exercise (from on-line psych lecture);
    -VISUALIZE THE HIGHEST GOOD YOU CAN CONCEPTUALIZE and commit to it. You have to have an aim
    I am keeping this in the hear and now, not far reaching to the future.
    Please join me in this. ( deprecating thoughts is NOT prerequisite 🤩)
    Any thoughts, feelings, methodology of your own? Please , let’s share!😃🤟🏾

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    #beyourownbestfriend #ruminatingthoughts #Selfworth

    Talk about self-flagellation! I have been beating myself up royally lately. The #stinkingthinking committee in my head is on overdrive, so, I’ve declared today is Be My Own Best Friend Day. I will try to fake it til I make it! How’s everyone else doing?


    Any help would be great

    I am new to anxiety and automatic thoughts that keep popping up. I do have a therapist, but she isn’t helping me. I don’t have friends. I’ve had social anxiety for years. This new type of anxiety came from having harassment at work. Which has stopped. I just want relief. How to shake this stuff? Months latter I keep getting feelings that people are angry.

    They tell me nothing is wrong or they are not mad. I get this feeling like they are and just won’t tell me and their not upset. What do I do? I don’t work until Monday and I’ve been off today. Stressing a lot all day. I want to stop please

    #Anxiety #AutomaticThoughts #ruminatingthoughts


    My sleep schedule has gotten off track again. What are some remedies that you have for resetting your sleep schedule back to a normal time of night?

    I have anxiety with panic disorder and agoraphobia and bipolar that have been flaring up during #COVID19 #quarentine. My sleep has been starting later and later. And my mind doesn’t seem to stop at night. It hasn’t been this bad in a while. I had been getting consistent sleep before all of this. #sleepissues #iwishmymindwouldstop #ruminatingthoughts


    Motivation 0

    When I am home and unemployed, I get lost in everything I want and should do. I think I could do one small task to start, like cleaning the kitchen which also seems to never end. I feel productive but then I take a break and lose the will to do any project, no matter how long it's been. The depression is heavy and I'm trying to feel at ease with myself and know everything will work out but I feel sick and stuck, in my own head and home.
    #CheckInWithMe #Depression #home #Motivation #ruminatingthoughts #thistooshallpass #iamcapable #Positivity #innerstrength

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