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    Flare up

    I suddenly felt this intense pain under my breasts and it really hurt so much, I couldn't move my arms. I had to lie down as suddenly the pain spread to my whole body and it hurt to move. I cried a bit as I listened to music and lied down then after an hour, I felt a bit better so got up and did some stretching. I also used my pain cream called fisiocrem and took this supplement called khapregesic which helps with period pain and anxiety. I feel so much better now and I am grateful for this 🙂
    #Fibromyalgia #ChronicPain #PolycysticOvarySyndrome #Anxiety #Depression #innerstrength #womenarestrong

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    I am struggling to sleep but still feel ok so far as I am focusing on the positive things in my life! #tired #Fibromyalgia #Cats #grateful #innerstrength

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    I had a very bad flareup yesterday as felt very fatigued and my whole body felt so weak, while standing I was shaking but had to act strong because had a gathering with relatives at my sister's place. I am finally feeling so much better after a good night's rest and am so grateful I feel better!

    #Fibromyalgia #ChronicPain #GoodDay #Cats #hopeful #Lifeishard #iamstrong #innerstrength

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    Here’s 3 key lessons I picked up from Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape training (SERE):

    1. Never give up

    2. Be thankful for your freedom each day

    3. Respect and appreciate all who fight and sacrifice for the freedoms of our nation

    These lessons alongside SERE training as a whole go a long way in maintaining internal control when going through hardships. Overtime, you learn to meet conflict and challenges head-on. Survival training introduced me to the warrior within myself, a warrior I was reacquainted to when recovering from stroke and paralysis. You have your own warrior inside! It’s time to tap into your own strength. You have the will within!

    #warrior #innerstrength #fighter #Soldiers #AirForceVet #ProgressIsProgress #DisabledLivesMatter #StrokeSurvivorsNeverQuit #AneurysmSurvivorsNeverQuit #FindingForward

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    Have you ever taken a #workoutselfie but decided against posting it on social media? If you felt shy or embarrassed after seeing a fitness expert on Instagram share their warrior workout, I understand. No one would mistake me for Clark Kent, but then again... I never pretend to be the Man of Steel. Similarly, no one should feel compelled to compare their fitness accomplishments with anyone except who they were yesterday, the month prior, or the year before.

    It's true what they say: the only person you're competing with is yourself. Let's cheer one another on and celebrate our accomplishments without eyeing the next person's trophy. We all can reach higher goals when we're looking up instead of at each other!

    #innerstrength #truestrength #Survivor #Motivation #Dailyinspiration #StrokeSurvivorsNeverQuit #AneurysmSurvivorsNeverQuit #Stroke #FindingForward #perfectformpilates

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    We define strength in many different ways. It's easy to fall into the trap of thinking you're weak for not meeting a certain goal or target. It's easy to focus on shortcomings. It's easy to avoid starting a new journey or dedicating to an aspiration because of previous setbacks. But you can't settle for the easy way out. You have to try again! Remind yourself: you are NOT weak. You are NOT a failure. You WILL overcome.

    Remember: Strength doesn't come from what you can do. It comes from overcoming what you once thought you couldn't.

    #innerstrength #truestrength #Motivation #Dailyinspiration #aneurysmsurvivor #Survivor #Stroke #Strokesurvivor #StrokeSurvivorsNeverQuit #Aneurysm #AneurysmSurvivorsNeverQuit #FindingForward

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    Question: What does my previous job in aviation have to do with recovering from a devastating trauma? Well, it’s actually quite interesting.

    Being part of a flight crew in my career in the aviation industry isn’t really about what seat you sit in to move an aircraft safely from one place to another. It’s about your teamwork, situational awareness, how you communicate effectively with others, the willingness to always learn more, thinking ahead and from many different angles, being an optimist and never giving up despite all the odds that might be mounting against you, and most of all, how to stay alive no matter what threats stand before you.

    When I think about communicating my restrictions for instance and how I might need help reducing them, my thoughts instantly went to how I would articulate and build a picture in the other person’s mind much as I would do if I were speaking on a radio in the airplane. Imagine while you’re flying over a foreign country that you’re talking to someone you can’t see and their country‘s language is different from your own. Now think about talking in detail in the fewest words possible that are absolutely matter of fact as you speak to that Air Traffic Controller. Doing that successfully in an airplane for years made it much easier years later with my disability and speaking to a therapist standing in front of me. If I can speak in a language that you anticipate then we can work more effectively and avoid assumptions. This also helps you feel like your getting somewhere in your recovery efforts and less like your stuck in a holding pattern. Something else that’s positive and comes from learning to speak in your therapist’s language, like anatomy for instance, is that it gives you something beneficially new to learn which positively occupies your time when you’re not in therapy.

    #Warrior #innerstrength #fighter #SoldersMentality #AirForceVet #ProgressIsProgress #DisabledLivesMatter #StrokeSurvivorsNeverQuit #AneurysmSurvivorsNeverQuit #Finding_Forward

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    Made this graphic today and thought It’d be cool to share with y’all :)

    I think it’s pretty crazy how our perception of what we can and can’t do is constantly getting in the way of what we set our minds to.

    For a while, I have wanted to start a community where I can connect with people who struggle with their mental health, but I never thought I would succeed. Then recently, I found The Mighty and this community where I can do just that!

    Overcoming the anxiety of judgement and failure is something I struggle with ALL the time.

    So who’s with me in finding our inner strength and doing the hard work to achieving our goals?!

    #MentalHealth #amidoingthisright #Mentalhealthmemes
    #Depression #Anxiety #PTSD #mentalhealthmatters #innerstrength
    #BipolarDisorder #BipolarDepression #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #BodyDysmorphicDisorder #OtherMentalHealth #StayStrong

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    When you feel overwhelmed by something or someone, breathe, take a step back, reflect and let go. If an event or person does not fill you with positivity, move on.
    #grow #positiveinfluencer #doesitserveyou #bekindtoyourselfandothers #MoveForward #Breathe #Reflection #innerstrength #ucandounlimitedchange

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    Struggling on the inside

    #CheckInWithMe I feel full of pain and sad desperation. Lately I feel useless and with out purpose. Communication has been difficult. I can't articulate my feelings and when I do its met with frustration instead of compassion. I give so much of my self to my family and friends and yet I feel like I can't reach out to anyone. My birthday was Sunday and my son who is 17 ignored me most of the day. It was hard to feel special when I felt so unloved. I never felt loved by my mother so I have put everything into being a better parent to my son. For him to perfer video games over any contact with me on my birthday hurt more than I let on. I don't want to force him to spend time with me. Clearly he isn't choosing too. Just needed to vent. The only one who needs me is my fur baby. Peace and heling energy to all mighty warriors!!!! #CPTSD #Depression #SeizureDisorder #RapeSurvivors #innerstrength