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Has anyone else ever felt so lonely that you feel like you're screaming inside? I just want connection so badly and for people to talk to on the phone. When it becomes too bad, I end up phoning the Samaritans or the crisis line. ##feelinglonely #emotionalpain #feelingmisunderstood #Connection #wantingtobeloved #Screaminginside #amiworthy


Change in the Winds

I think it's time that I go with the inner shift in my mindset and do something different. Unfortunately, all I want to do now is to kill off my heart, destroy my feelings, and to not allow myself to feel again. I feel like doing everyone a favour and leave without a trace. I no longer want to feel love. I don't know how I could ever help anyone in this world. I don't know why they would need me in the first place. I feel so worthless... I try to endure it all, but I implode every time. My mind seems to be winning every battle thus far. I don't stand a chance against those who seem to be winning the game of life. I seem to fall harder and faster as everyone moves upward. I don't know what I'm doing anymore, I'm feeling everything so much... just let me die. #MentalHealth #Depression #cryforhelp #imnotok #NotOK #idontwantodothisanymore #Crying #Screaming #Screaminginside #letmedie

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I Don’t Know What To Feel

I feel a cross between emptiness, sadness, anger, and numbness. I don’t feel real, I have moments where I want out of my skin. I won’t be seeing the psychologist until the end of next month. I wish I had words to really describe how I’m feeling, but I don’t. I’ve been so use to internalizing everything. For the last few days, I’ve been constantly feeling like I don’t deserve to be loved and that I’ll always be alone. I’m feeling everything so much right now and I want to cry and scream. #Depression #MentalHealth #FearOfAbandonment #FearOfLove #NamelessFeeling #NoLove #Emptiness #Sadness #anger #numbness #Crying #Screaminginside

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Does anyone else just cry? Cry until you scream. Until you just forget why, and your just crying because you don’t know what you have left anymore?

#Depression #Crying #empty #nooneunderstands #SocialAnxiety #MentalHealth #Screaminginside


End of my patience #Screaminginside

Living with an adult daughter with BPD. I am a single mother and I have no support. She is out of control and I am about to lose my shit!!

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