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Memory Lane

Hello Everyone!

I believe we have officially kicked off the #Holidayseason here in central Florida. I am #excited but #sad at the same time. Do you know what I mean?

You see, the time change, mixed with the days being shorter, mixed with #Bipolar II and #Anxiety , it's pretty #horrible .

I am a mix of excited for the decorations around the #ThemeParks and I am looking forward to seeing what is happening in #WaltDisneyWorld next.

I do feel #Loved and #Supported , but I know that I am not 100% where I thought I would be at this point in #Life . Perhaps we have an illusion we are supposed to be something else, when nature always happens?

Let's hope this #Holiday season is #good for you!

How do you #celebrate the holidays?


Gratitude today!

Oh my goodness, people on here can literally be the nicest people on the whole planet! Thanks to everyone who was so supportive of my last post, it made today worth living. I'm just gonna keep living 15 minutes at a time, and see where I end up! (Yeah, I know being put in the email probably brought a lot of attention to what I said, but that was also really nice, so thanks Mighty Team!) #Depression #SuicidalThoughts #Supported #TheMighty


I Don’t #feel #Supported

My energy for life, I feel like, is dimming like a flame on a candle.
I keep getting opportunities but each choice leads to me drowning.
I can’t go back to who I used to be.
I won’t go back. If I do, I know my body will give out.
How do I gather more energy when mine is so depleted?
My husband is getting tired of it.
He wants so badly to fix me.
He wants a family.
Idk if that’s what I can provide.
And it’s killing me.
#CheerMeOn #Bipolar #BPD #Anxiety #ADD #OCD #PTSD #Energy #Fibromyalgia #Stress