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First day at new job

Starting my first day at my new job, really excited to see how this helps me grow as a person and show people more hospitality. I go into jobs not worrying too much about how much I am paid, while that is a necessity, but about how well the environment is. Do the managers actually care for their employees and want to help them grow as people? Do the employees love what they do? Are they able to support themselves? Pros and cons? Etc.
Really excited for the future. #hopeful #excited

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Went for a hike :D Steelhead Falls

I’ve only been only 2 hikes my entire life but I live close to many hikes especially now, I went with a mental health clubhouse program group really thankful it was beautiful! #hike #Health #Support #happy #excited #Walk #enjoyed #overjoyed #thankful #Anxiety #helped #soothe #Relaxed #beautiful #MightyTogether #newhere #New

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Memory Lane

Hello Everyone!

I believe we have officially kicked off the #Holidayseason here in central Florida. I am #excited but #sad at the same time. Do you know what I mean?

You see, the time change, mixed with the days being shorter, mixed with #Bipolar II and #Anxiety , it's pretty #horrible .

I am a mix of excited for the decorations around the #ThemeParks and I am looking forward to seeing what is happening in #WaltDisneyWorld next.

I do feel #Loved and #Supported , but I know that I am not 100% where I thought I would be at this point in #Life . Perhaps we have an illusion we are supposed to be something else, when nature always happens?

Let's hope this #Holiday season is #good for you!

How do you #celebrate the holidays?

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I'm so #excited

In exactly one week, I get to see my #bestfriend !!! May 24th is national pansexual/romantic awareness and visibility day! I can't wait! We're going to have a picnic and run at geese!!

💗💛💙 💙💚🧡💗 🏳️‍🌈🦆👯

#LGBTQ #LGBTQIA #pansexual #panromantic #Depression #Anxiety #lovewins


7 more days till my birthday.

There are 7 more days until my birthday!!! #excited #happy


Registered for Spring class this morning! I’m excited to be following in my mom’s footsteps and becoming an EMT! I know I have the knowledge and skills, Let’s just hope my body decides to cooperate and work with me. I’m not committed to a department or service yet because of my health, but hopefully that will change soon.
#School #EMT #excited


Super optimistic

I had an other appointment with my new therapist. I've had a hard time really finding a therapist I felt comfortable with since leaving inpatient. I don't know if it's cause of just being a different setting but I feel extremely comfortable with my therapist. I feel seen and heard and validated. I brought up being concerned about goals that were meaningful to me. I brought up some things that I hadn't brought up at the first appointment. She was understanding, supportive, and patient since it's just a process. I'm just extremely optimistic about starting therapy again. I'd wanted to for such a long time but was always scared to start again. #Depression #Therapy #goals #excited #optimistic