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Quick Tip Thursday: Telehealth Allows You To Manage Diabetes Without Interruptions

Telehealth services are a great way for diabetes patients to manage their condition while on the go. They provide access to care teams, medical records, test results, and other health information, so that patients can receive care from wherever they are. Additionally, telehealth services can help patients stay connected with their care team, so that they can receive tailored care tailored to their individual needs.

Respond in the comments with a 👍🏾if you currently use telehealth.

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Internet appointments

I’m wondering if others feel like me that zoom therapy appointments are less effective than live ones. I had to do telehealth during covid and as a result my therapist chose to move out of state because most patients are fine w internet communication.

I miss the eye to eye contact and the feeling of being important enough to be seen in person. It’s been hard. I feel kind of betrayed.

I know I feel this way partly because my parents weren’t emotionally available much. This feels the same to me, but I don’t want to change therapists. He’s helped me so much.

Thanks for your thoughts. #livetherapy #Telehealth


#MixedEpisodes part 2: Do I REALLY have #BipolarDisorder Tho?

*My previous post was just a real-time, stream of consciousness post during a #mixedepisode .
I was diagnosed with #BipolarDisorder in 2008. Since then, I intermittently go through periods where I wonder if I really have bipolar. Maybe I was misdiagnosed. I have #CPTSD (complex PTSD) as well, and some of the symptoms mimic #Bipolar .. But something always happens that snaps me back to reality- that I do, in fact, have bipolar disorder. I'd had a #Telehealth appt w/my #Psychiatrist that morning, and she pointed out that I seem to be in a mixed state based on her observations, and what I was telling her. She has never said that to me in the almost 2 years we've been working together. She's mainly seen me #depressed , because I have #bipolardisorder2 , so I mostly experience #Depression .
I'd wanted to talk about what I've been experiencing on here, but just couldn't find the words. I've actually been trying for weeks to write a post. So yesterday, I decided after like 12 hours of fruitlessly trying to figure out what to say, that I was just going to do a real-time stream of consciousness post.
I've gotten to where I've accepted this diagnosis, most of the time. However, it's hard to deny it while in the throws of your thoughts turning into nonsensical scrambled eggs, and (sometimes) in a small corner of your mind being aware that your thoughts might not be logical, but not being able to stop it. ❤️


Any pointers? #Therapy #Telehealth #MentalHealth

As a mental health clinician , I'm finding it increasingly difficult to support those struggling to cope with the pandemic via telehealth. It feels at this point, everyone has exhausted all of their options to "keep busy and distracted," and I am running out of ways to be supportive. Does anyone have any feedback on this? Thank you!!