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    My tools for wellness (Intro)

    I wanted to write and share today to talk about my mental health. I, like many on this site, struggle with anxiety, depression, and imposter syndrome. It has been a roller coaster for the past few years with way more spiraling downs than the fun and exciting highs. Way too often I’ve been so far down that I could not see the beauty around me. I would get a glimpse every now and then, but never really long enough for me to remember it through the lows. This roller coast has consumed so much of my life, and I am just tired of riding it. I know that I will be on this ride for the rest of my life, but I am tired of letting it control me.

    I know it is going to be a fight to regain some sort of (I don’t want to use the word control but) enjoyment of my life, but I am setting off on a mission to find the appropriate tools for me that will allow me to reconstruct and reengineer this ride to better fit what I want in my life. 

    I understand that life and emotions are a roller coaster with many ups and downs - I just want to be able to enjoy my ups when I have them without fear of the incoming fall. I am writing this and sharing this to not only hold myself accountable but to document my journey and my findings with a hope that it might help someone also work on redesigning their roller coaster. 

    So I will be working on sharing the different tools, quotes, and resources I've found to be helpful to me. I hope that maybe one or two might be a nice tool for someone as well. 

    #Anxiety #CheckInWithMe #Depression #ImposterSyndrome #toolsforwellness

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    What is your JAM/Go-to song/s for mental health & chronic illness/s?

    So, ive been a huge user on spotify since like 2015. I have several playlists but one I made years ago was MY playlist that had songs from artists/writers who just... GOT ME. Well, since then I have been sharing my playlists over the years, changing, adding, etc per new artists and discoveries! I would like to both share this playlist called "Mental Health: Songs & Artists" (Also applies to chronic physical illnesses but I couldn't fit it all in) and also ask everyone here of THEIR favorites that maybe I may have missed, or simply haven't discovered yet! What makes this playlist awesome is you can play it, its always being updated, and it's non-genre, non-religion, non-country specific. And thought this could be a great way for everyone to share a song or artist a two and we can all maybe find something new. I find music personally to be one of the best tools at my disposal when it comes to mental health & chronic illness. its not for everyone, but sometimes as science even suggested it can help mood, stability, communication, grieving, pain, and even memory.

    Both positive and upbeat songs that make you feel like a warrior and fighter, and give you stregth all the way to songs that make you say "omg someone actually GETS me!" and anything in-between- all are allowed! Heck even Disney! I am an adult but I swear I LOVE some Disney! Or if you don't want to comment, that's A-OK too, take the playlist and use to your hearts content if you'd like! I don't get anything out of it or anything, I just thought I'd like to share an help others.

    #Sound #ChronicIllness #ChronicIllnessPlaylist #MightyMusic #Music #musictherapy #Healing #toolsforwellness #Depression #Anxiety #DistractMe #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #BipolarDepression #DepressiveDisorders

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    Toolkit. What's in your box?

    -When feeling strong emotions; give the emotion a shape, color, size, texture. Examine it from all sides, touch it, watch it grow smaller.
    -Pause. Reframe the situation.
    -It takes 90seconds for an emotion to pass through your brain, view it as floating glitter in the wind, or leaves, etc.
    -Step away from a situation that is too difficult in the moment to collect yourself
    -Mindfulness; what you are doing this EXACT moment is THE most important thing you can be doing
    -Talk kindly with yourself you are human #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #toolsforwellness #WhatYouDontSee

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    Toolbox Remnants #EmotionalHealth #toolsforwellness #Selfcare

    #52SmallThings : Pit Stop. Time Out. Me Time. It’s all got the same foundation. While the rest of me rocks with anxiety, this force of healing from the roots of my wisdom generates regrowth and opportunity for a life without the chaos, upheaval and externalities to take root within my wisdom, before it becomes destroyed. Ever hear of a soul sucking career? That’s where I went wrong by not honoring my true self and instead chose to reconnect with corporate career path. My home is in the Holistic rituals and since I am a massage therapist, a licensed professional of course, this is my honest path. Reiki and Polarity thrown in there for solidifying my base.
    So, By taking this timeout, I have room to explore feelings, thoughts and regroup. Refreshed with a conscience that assists me in my original endeavor.. to live a life I thrive in and deserve to experience. I only get one, after all.

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    Good Moments #pendulumswing #TheUpside #Depression #BPD

    I'm having a good moment. Sometimes the moment will last the entire day. Those are rare. Sometimes these moments are like hiccups. They come and go suddenly usually several in sequence with longer spells of the downers. But for now I'm having a good moment. I feel a bit more energetic. A bit more positive. A bit more like ME. Maybe today's moment will last. It's a miracle that it's even happening. It's gloomy and rainy and cold outside. Usually days like this are downers. But not today. Today I am positive. I am determined to make the most of my good moment. I'm sharing with you. Won't you share your good moment too #Bipolar #Anxiety #Depression #relief #focus #stayingpositive #toolsforwellness

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