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    Leaving home to go work

    I struggle with transition times between activities - right now I am half an hour late for work because I can't face opening the door and going out. I know I'll be fine once I get to work, but that in between time feels so overwhelming, simultaneously ballooning with anxiety and getting weighted down with depression.

    Does anyone have tips for dealing with transitions?

    #Depression #Anxiety #MentalHealth #Work #transitions #CPTSD

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    “The best part of my day so far has been completing small talks on my mental to do list.” #52SmallThings #52SmallThings

    I completed one small thing, I made a call to see if I can get food stamp benefits. It was unsuccessful, but I will continue to try to get in touch. This was something I had been putting off because it is often unsuccessful but my friends told me to keep trying so I did. I was deeply saddened and angered last night due to a heated conversation with a friend. I could've stayed in bed late and let the sadness linger but I got up, and I made a call. I'm even looking for jobs now. The small things completed are precursors to me actually being hopeful about my future again. #BPD #livingwithbpd #transitions #displacedhome

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    Good changes, Rough transition

    We just got 2 beautiful, sweet, and playful kitties, whom we rescued from a second chance shelter. I think they’re going to be exactly what our family needs, but the transition has been challenging. My oldest daughter is so worried about the kittens, following them around in case they eat something they shouldn’t, or get stuck somewhere. She totally freaks out when one cat hisses/growls at the other, even though the kitten keeps coming back for more. My youngest son alternates between wanting to pet them and saying how cute they are, and standing on the highest ground he can find to get away from them, because he’s scared. (He’s only 4 and doesn’t realize that they can get to places much higher and with much more ease than he can.😂) Surprisingly, my middle son, who spent the first 5 or so years of his life terrified of nearly EVERY LIVING THING, has been the most relaxed about the kittens. He doesn’t hide from them, he plays with them, and he hasn’t gotten scratched once! (Which is more than I can say for my daughter and me! 😅)

    As for myself, I’m totally in love with both kitties. They have some rough edges that will likely work out as they get used to their new environment, but overall, they are a fabulous balance of loving and playful.

    However, the combination of my children’s anxiety and excitement has *my* anxiety going though the freaking roof! I’m extremely irritable and ready to scream. AND we didn’t do a good job of kitty-proofing/cleaning before we got them, and we’re realizing how important that really is, for now. I’m feeling inadequate and overwhelmed, as I usually do when it comes to housework. It doesn’t help matters that my poor husband is in a lot of pain, today, and not only is he unable to help with anything, but there’s little or nothing that I can do to help *him*, which I really wish I could!

    I’m just hoping that tomorrow will be better. Please be better!

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    #Anxiety about finding #Housing

    I've been living with my grandma for the past six months. It was supposed to be 2-3 months, but then #COVID19 hit and everything changed. Now I feel like it's finally possible to move out on my own. Based on my past experiences, I thought I would just look up a few rental ads, go view a place, sign a contract and move in.

    Apparently, while I've been out of the country for the past six years, things have changed. Every decent place has at least twenty people vying for it and trying to find something within my budget is nearly impossible. What was supposed to be a good move for my mental health is now spiking my anxiety.

    In the past six months, I have:
    - tried to finish my masters degree and let it go
    - tried to find a permanent, full-time job and given up
    - tried to find a place to call home and struck out

    I know that none of these situations are final, but I feel like I'm just cycling through them and never actully moving ahead in any area of my life. The whole point of moving back to my country was to get some stability and it's been anything but.

    What am I even doing with my life? I'm in my mid-30s with half a masters degree, a very scattered and random #Career , no savings, living with my grandma, working part time for minimum wage, #single , #lonely , #anxious , #depressed

    What should I do?

    #lifedirection #Depression #Anxiety #transitions

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    I moved back to my home country in December after nearly six years of work and travel abroad with frequent big transitions. I knew that it would take a while for the shoe to drop, before the big overwhelming reality of it all would hit me. With the pandemic, maybe it was delayed, or maybe it was hastened - I don't know. But here I am, now.

    I think what I want most of all is something small and controlled. Something that I can build into for a while until it gets really good. Something manageable. Something I don't have to leave behind in six months or a year.

    In some ways, I guess my life right now is small and manageable since I'm isolating with my Grandma in her apartment. But it's temporary and transient and nothing is sure. I want this to be OK. I want this to work out and to be able to wrap my head around everything, but how am I supposed to "transition" when there is nothing stable to transition to?

    #overwhelmed #reversecultureshock #transitions #Depression

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    Transitions aren’t just eyeglasses

    I’m starting on month 2 of a new job. Bedtimes haven’t changed from what they were when I wasn’t working. After not having a cat for two years (I had to put her down 2 months before I lost my job), I went out to my humane society and bought into their “Smitten With Kittens” sale and adopted a brother & sister who are 4 months old. Part of me says ‘Yes, you can do ALL the things!’ But a smaller part say ‘backup thing at a time. How do I keep my stability, sanity, & enthusiasm without jumping on the impulse train? #CheckInWithMe #transitions #impulsivebehaviour #stability

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    Panic Attacks with Transition #PanicAttack #transitions

    Does anyone experience panic attacks during a time of transition? I get the worst panic attacks when my semester starts to end, when the weather starts to get really nice, and when my schedule changes. It’s beautiful out and everyone’s happy and I’m so anxious. Yesterday, was an amazing day and today awful and debilitating. I don’t get how my mental states changes overnight.

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    My friends are being rude, they say I’m
    burdensome. My emotions swing and try to take away my hope. I am frustrated because I try to be as nice as possible to everyone. It’s sucks when people don’t reciprocate 😢

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    Making #change my friend.

    I have a hard time with change which is ironic considering that I am transgender!

    It is my anxiety which makes change hard. When I can't control a situation or I don't know what going to be happening, my #Anxiety spikes painfully. My default position is to avoid any change, to hide from it. However, I realise that this is impossible. Change is one of the few things in life which is guaranteed.

    In my last 7 years in recovery and in managing my #MentalHealth better, I have learned to not run from change and to be able to sit with the anxiety I feel around it. Accepting change has, in fact, become one of the tools that I use to cope with .

    What do I mean by this? Well, a lot of my #Depression and , was around feeling stuck and being convinced that I couldn't cope, that I would never be happy. I learned in recovery that rather than resort to negative ways to cope like I used to, I could instead trust that it would pass and be gentle with myself whilst I waited for it to do so.

    Over time, I received proof of this fact. I would feel low or anxious, but yes, it would pass. In this way, I've come to see change as something I can trust to help me. Sometimes life will be good, sometimes life will be bad, sometimes life will just be ok, it all passes and changes.

    Now I can see that my pushing against change was actually causing a lot of my depression and . By accepting its inevitability and in seeing how it can, in fact, help me, I find it easier to make change my friend.

    I hope this may help someone. Sending strength to everyone going through difficult #transitions 


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    I’m autistic and moved from L.A. to a small remote town in Washington. This is a drastic move. In addition, I have to deal with finding a new job and living with my grandma who sometimes doesn’t understand my autism. There are multiple layers to this transition and it is overwhelming. I’m currently going through a rough patch with anxiety right now. I try to keep it together but it’s tough somedays. I feel that it’s wrong to feel all these negative emotions with all the stress going on in my life.

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