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Happy? Me?

I generally find myself COMPLAINING…this ‘bad talk’ gets out of control when I’m on the depression roller coaster…but I just decided that I needed a break from the ride. So I’m doing the opposite & I’d like to share my (albeit brief) ‘feeling of happiness’ with all of you-maybe ‘it’ will help us until the next coaster. #Depression #opposite #whynot #HangOn


Have you ever done something because why not? #whynot #Inspiration #regret #MentalHealth

(Grace, She/Her)

“Why Not?” can be a strong motivator, for good or for bad. Has there been anything in your life that you’ve done, whether it was amazing or regretful, just because?

I’ll start.

Other than randomly beginning to learn Spanish in the last week, we think we figured out how to be the kind of Mental Health advocate we want to be. And it started with Why Not?

Why not advocate? But how? We love gathering information for people. Why not gather mental health information? Why not curate a list of resources (local and online) for those who ask us about it? Why not reach out to some of our friends who have had mental health struggles and see what resources helped them? Why not take action?

Why Not?

#mentalhealthjourney #Healing #Advocacy #LetsTakeAction

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Because #whynot ? #learninglanguages #Spanish #trynewthings

According to a few websites I looked at a few years ago, Japanese is the second hardest language to learn for native English speakers. I was fortunate enough to learn through immersion.

Today, I realized I’ve been putting off learning Spanish because I couldn’t wrap my head around the language when I was 12 years old. So I figured, why not try again?

I loaded a language learning app on my phone and now I can talk about my cat.

Mi tengo un gato. Mi gato es bonito.

I have a cat. My cat is pretty.

Nailed it.

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Take a moment to daydream and Have fun !😀 #Fun #whynot

List who do you envision narrating your life? Book audio, documentary, etc?
Have fun!!

Mine is David Attenborough!

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Stupid Conversations #Chatspace #DistractMe

You're the only one I could have a stupid conversation
With and
Not feel ashamed about it.

I not sure I'm with the word ashamed but you get my drift!!!

Anyone up for some conversation 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️

Just chatting with each other not just me? Blow away the cobwebs

Tj hugs n kisses 😘🤗 #Hugs #Love #laughterisgoodmedicine #Chatting #Chattingaway #Stupidconversation #Giggles #whynot #checkonyourneighbours #Hugsallround #Talkingistherapy #Chattyneighbours #MightyTogether #NeverAlone #Bekind #Selfcare #Loveyourselffirst


I'm going to have a good day today :)

I'm deciding to. I habitually decide every day is shit & I'm taking a holiday from that #whynot


What flavor are you? #whynot

My flavor is salty black licorice. Sweet(compassionate) and salty (language) and not for everyone


“Would you rather....” —-phobia edition #whynot ?

So... would you rather.... speak in front of peers, or skydive? I guess technically skydiving could be fear of heights and of flying,,, but let’s go with it!

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#keepgoing because #whynot

I've been on the bottom of the bottom. To some degree I don't know if I knew any other way, to be honest. My story was that my rejection as a child stuck & I rejected me because everyone else did. It's hard not being able to escape a person you don't like, someone #unworthy of love & inclusion & friendship. Lots of people will have some story similar.  My road to to recovery boils down to "why not?", "so I keep having the same thoughts... what next?", "my life sux & I hate it.  If I fuck up my life, what will I actually lose?  A life that sucks & that I hate?".  Everyone wants to cock their head at 15 ° and tell you to sit in your misery & that it's ok, & they're right, however life is not a dress rehearsal, at some point you CAN put one foot in front of the other because.... why not?  What else would you be doing?  Grab yourself some life because you can.