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So lot but possibly found

I’ve had the most intense situation in my life recently after dealing with my mental health for over 25 yrs and I finally either broke broke or hit a realm I’ve never had to deal with! #mentalhealthjourney #firsttimeforfewthings #doingitalone #wegotyoubutwedontreally


Have you ever done something because why not? #whynot #Inspiration #regret #MentalHealth

(Grace, She/Her)

“Why Not?” can be a strong motivator, for good or for bad. Has there been anything in your life that you’ve done, whether it was amazing or regretful, just because?

I’ll start.

Other than randomly beginning to learn Spanish in the last week, we think we figured out how to be the kind of Mental Health advocate we want to be. And it started with Why Not?

Why not advocate? But how? We love gathering information for people. Why not gather mental health information? Why not curate a list of resources (local and online) for those who ask us about it? Why not reach out to some of our friends who have had mental health struggles and see what resources helped them? Why not take action?

Why Not?

#mentalhealthjourney #Healing #Advocacy #LetsTakeAction

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"Love" is such an impactfull word, filled with great emotion, and filled with nothing.
So can I, should I "love" myself, when it can mean so many different things to different people? In many cases, far more negative than positive.

I prefer the term, "getting to know myself. My "self". That individual deep inside of me. The one with all the unique thoughts, ideas and interpretations. The one whose voice you'll rarely hear. The one whose still making her way fully to the surface.

Can I "love" that "self"?

After more than 20 years, I can say that I like her. The "her" that is me. I admire, respect and cherish me. And that is definitely good enough. But do I love my "self". Do I have to love my "self"?

I believe I do. Because by truly loving my "self", I encompass all of the things I appreciate about me. I am still getting to know that part of me and I don't like everything about me, but I do love me, which has made such a huge difference in my life.

With my "self" love, I have discovered respect, admiration, growth, acceptance, responsibility, appreciation, fun, trust, freedom and so much more and I cannot wait to see what more there is to discover.

But it takes time. And if knowing yourself is all you feel you are capable of doing, then go for it! It's not what we call it that is important, it's what we learn from ourselves and how we use our new abilities that truly matter.

#Bekindtoyourself #findingmyself #embracetheunknown #innercompassion #Love #Selflove #knowingmyself #Respect #Appreciation #speakup #mentalhealthjourney
#wellness #ucandounlimitedchange

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Your Mess is Welcome Here #MentalHealth #Depression

The truth is something that can be heavy, yet it can truly free you in ways beyond what you imagine. When the truth is hidden, it can tear apart families, trust, homes and happiness.

There is something about telling the truth—to yourself, to others—for the first time that really has an ability to cleanse the cobwebs from your heart. There is a freedom in knowing the truth, accepting it, and moving on. It no longer has a hold on you. It can no longer define you.

longer define you.

I was sexually assaulted as a child. That truth is horrible, hurtful, and heavy, but it is not one that keeps me cowering in the shadows any longer. John 8:32 tells us that the truth will set you free. And the very first time I found myself admitting the truth to myself and to someone else, I felt freer than I had ever felt.

The first time I told the story of my abuse was five years ago. And in the last five years, I’ve seen God do incredible things.

I’ve learned to trust again.

I’ve learned the difference between good touch and bad touch, and how to ask for and receive good touch from my husband.

I’ve learned that my value is not in the things that were done to me, but in who I am in Christ.

I’ve learned who that little girl inside of me is, and how to listen to her and take care of her.

I’ve learned that healing is a priority; seeking help is not only good but necessary.

I’ve learned who to talk to about my experiences, and how to talk to them about it.

And oh my gosh, healing is not easy.

I still struggle with depression and anxiety.

I fight to reclaim my self-worth on a daily basis.

I cry, I pray, I regress.

But I don’t stop. I won’t stop. This is the most important journey I’ve ever embarked on.

Your journey is different, I’m sure. There may be some similarities in our stories, though. If there are, I am truly sorry for the pain you have experienced.

It is not your fault, nor was it ever your fault.

My desire is for this blog to be a safe place for you and for others who carry the burden of a horrible injustice or a crippling stigma. This is a place of acceptance and peace, where stigmas and labels are pushed aside and we can be ourselves.

Here, I hope and pray you will learn three of the most important truths I’ve learned in my healing journey.

Read the rest here:

Love & prayers
#Anxiety #mentalhealthjourney #mightywriters #blogger #Christian #Christianity #encouragement #CheerMeOn #adolescent sexual molestation trauma #SexualAbuseSurvivors #SexualTrauma

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Following Up #CheckInWithMe

I had my follow up with my doctor some time ago. My depression has improved since being on medication, but the dosage will go up just to help things along. I do feel better, I still experience intense feelings, but things are getting better. Next step is to see a psychologist. I personally believe more so now that I may have a personality disorder. Outside of feeling low, I do feel like the way that I see myself is distorted and that my relationships with others and the rest of the world have never really been stable. Along with other things, that’s just my observation of on self. I’ll have to wait on the next phase of my mental health journey/self discovery, if you will. #Depression #MentalHealth #Medication #psychologist #PersonalityDisorders #Selfdiscovery #mentalhealthjourney

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#mentalhealthjourney #MyJourney #Depression #Anxiety

I am 26 years old, This past year has not been good for me. I would say starting in about May of this year, my mental and physical health has started to go downhill. I have been diagnosed with depression and anxiety for over 5 years now, and have been taking antidepressants. I've been on Effexor Xr for about 4 years, but it has not been as effective as it was before, so in the beginning on last year I went up to 225 mg, and things seemed to be getting a little better. But then I realized there was another problem I was having, my periods were really bad. I had taken birth control for as long as I have been married but it seems like whenever I would get to that point in the month where ovulation would end, I would feel really sick, nausea, fatigue, insomnia, panic attacks, mood swings, depression, ect. I didn't realize that I may be suffering from a condition called #PMDD (premenstrual dysphoric disorder.) But when I looked up the symptoms it matched up perfectly. So I have been doing more research on what to do for this condition, and so far I haven't had any relief yet but I am not going to give up trying to feel better.