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Oh No #Thursdaysgiggles #Youhavetolaughorcry #laughterisgoodmedicine

Oh No

That stupid moment when you have your pill bottle in front of you
You cant remember if you took it or not !!!!!

Do you laugh! Cry or ? What !?

Hope n pray you took them already 😳❣💞🙀🐱😂🤞😘🤗

#Giggles #Chatspace #laughter #giggleswithafriend #Chatting #Vent #rant #Talking #Havingalaught #Lovenhugs #Bekind #checkonyourneighbours #Loveyourselffirst #Kindness #winning #winningatlife #Selfcare #Hugsallround

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nice suprise in a box #MentalHealth #52SmallThings #Selfcare

A very nice suprise was delivery yesterday. I dont like opening the post, letters or answering the phone, unless I know who the letter or parcel is from or who is calling me. Its always been like this for decades. Especially if my mind is spiralling out of control.
But yesterday suprise. Well I was over joyed to open. You see I'd won a prize on another platform. Yipee freebie stuff and there was even extra stuff in the box. All biodegradable environmentally friendly things I'd won and a very nice weekly meds box to boot.
I feel very lucky. Boosted my feelings loads
#feelings #ChronicIllness #ChronicPain #winningatlife #lovinglife #AutoimmuneDisease #Arthritis #Anxiety


An open letter to my anxious self...

An open letter to my anxious self,

I see you.

I see you trying your best…

I know that whilst you feel anxious most of the time it’s not obvious to those around you because you are regarded as someone who is upbeat, positive and who “has it all together”. I know that because of this you often feel quite isolated with your anxiety and wonder who to talk to about it for fear of looking weak in front of colleagues or worrying friends and family members.

I know you have learned to push it down and carry on regardless but you are aware that it’s always there…

…you wish it wasn’t.

You can go from feeling like you’re winning at life to wondering why you bother and who are you to do what you do anyway!

You will speak with apparent confidence whilst internally worrying if you’ve said or done the wrong thing…it’s exhausting!

You worry that you might pass your anxiety onto your children or that you will negatively impact the relationships in your life that matter most to you.

You don’t like taking meds, even though you can see that sometimes this is necessary.

Despite this you still light up when a great song plays on the radio. Sometimes you sing along. Sometimes you don’t.
Sometimes you dance like a child in the rain…
And sometimes you don’t…

I see you.

I see you smile when your kids are laughing together.

I see your eyes that still light up when your husband talks to you and I know you wonder how he didn’t leave already.

I see you on your good days and bad and I want you to know something…

You’re not alone…
You ARE beautiful…
You DO matter…
You haven’t let anyone down…
You didn’t fail…
And you are perfect just as you are!

Sometimes you have it all together and sometimes you don’t…and that’s OK!

I see you…

…you’ve GOT this!

#Anxiety #selfdevelopment #mindset #mindsetbreakthrough #winningatlife #thrive #thriveinspiteofanxiety

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