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#ComplexPosttraumaticStressDisorder , #Abuse and #Marriage

If you are afflicted with cPTSD, I strongly suggest any of the books by Pete Walker. Aside, relationships are problematic for us so what happens if your relationship is with an abusive bipolar partner? The abuse was verbal, mental, emotional not nearly what I experienced as a child, but it feels just as bad. Upon telling this to my therapist he declared that is one of the reasons I’m not ready to divorce said partner. I caught my partner sneaking through my phone in the middle of the night and that, as difficult as it was, gave me the chance to set my boundaries and take my Self back. We had been sleeping separately and I did tell him we are not together, I have never told him we are now together but since then he has had medical reasons for needing to sleep in our shared bed. I permitted this as long as we had clear space separation and now he is trying to wiggle back in to my life as if nothing happened. I do not trust this man, and I feel as scared to speak to him as I would my father. Again, my therapist says this is a reason I’m not ready to divorce him. My question is, should I get a new therapist? This man had abused me for 15 years and he insists that even if I’m to divorce, this isn’t the right time I’m not stable enough. I feel very sure about this… #Advise #ComplexPosttraumaticStressDisorder #BipolarDisorder #spouse #ChildhoodAbuse #Marriage #Therapist

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Is it wrong that I do not have friends? #TheMighty #help #Advise #alone

I love too much. I care too much. But I always just randomly stop talking to everyone who calls me a friend. And in due time they never text or call to find out about me because I do that often and I have noticed that once I stop, they never will call or text. And when people ask me if I have friends I say NO. I just know people.
So is it wrong when I say I do not want to have friends? Because some of us are considered too broken or just something else...


Any tips/ advice for making friends #Teen #Friends #Advise #Tips

How do I make friends as a homeschoold teen. Does anyone have any tips or ideas. Also may i add I have not made or had any friends in abt a year and half. I genuinely don’t know how to start a conversation with someone. Like if I’m out in public and I see someone who looks my age and want to become friends with them do I just go up to them and say I like your hair. It’s really pretty and try to make more conversation after that orororr???????????? I need tips and advise plz and thank you!



I've recently started to suspect my dad is, or may soon be, relapsing. After last time, I've taken some time to think about myself, and have decided what the best thing for me is. The next time I know for sure that he is drinking, I'm moving out and removing him from my life. I have spent 17 years being abused by this man, and I have to start taking care of my self. My mom, sister, and therapist all agree this is the best course of action for me. Tonight I started getting very anxious when he "went to the store" for 2 hours. Typical behavior for him when drinking. Now I'm concerned that he my be relapsing sooner than expected. Does anyone have any advise? #Alcoholism #Anxiety #Dad #Advise

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Lately, I have had experienced something weird in my body. At home, I feel safe peaceful and fine. The day in the morning I have to go to work, my body starts feeling weird, shaking, tingling lips, my jaws feel stiff, nausea and pain in my upper stomach. I beginning to believe that maybe could be anxiety but I'm not sure because it never happened before. If you are reading this and know about it, please share your thoughts and some tools that I can use to control this. Or maybe is something else, who knows... #Anxiety #Worried #help #Advise


Feeling Hopeless/Lost #help #idontknowhowiwilldoit #Advise

I go back to work tomorrow, and I just don't see how I'm going to to do it, and honestly, I don't want to. I tried to do all the things I needed to over break; we didn't go anywhere, but I tried to exercise, rest, and get things done. I did grade some papers, and I know the next two weeks will go by quickly with testing and Good Friday off, but it just seems such a daunting task. I don't think I can go back to the stress, the early mornings, and some of the people. I just feel sick about going back; I honestly do. My pain is there today, but not yet as extreme as it has been. I dread the pain, and how I will handle it when I go back. I have a great do too, but I have been unable to get in touch with him this week. I already allowed myself to almost fall into an old, bad habit of slight self harm yesterday. I'm drowning today, and I don't know what I will do.

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