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Fur Babies

This is my fur baby Figaro, my emotional support animal. I’d love to see all your famous fur baby pics. Focusing on positivity today #Bipolar1Disorder #Positivity #Cat #Furbaby

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#Sorry I have been away a few days. Here is my new #Furbaby !!!!

I felt it was best to refrain from posting these past few days. I was very #sad , #confused , & #hopeless due to my heartwrenching experience at the shelter I went about a week ago. I was even #Feeling like there might very well be a #Curse on me & my life. I pretty much believed that any & every thing I might & would do or try to do, was destined to be #tradgedy & cause me more #Heartache . To put it honestly, day to day was kinda "touch-and-go" moreso than ever. Recently, it came to a head, and I honestly felt that i had no idea if I'd be around to see the next day. But today, I brought home a new #Cat . He was the best cat there at PSPCA. (Pennsylvania SPCA. ) health-wise, age-wise, & he is calm with a #wonderful temperament. He is asleep on the couch with me right now. I like it at cold temps, but I not want him to get sick. He doesn't (yet) seem to feel ok about having a blanket over him, for warmth, but then again, he is just getting to know & has to have a bit of time to learn he can #Trust me. Anyways, I am keeping my leg against him for him to have my body warmth. I am SO pleased the way the day turned out. Had some very rough spots there, but it ended up not getting the best of the situation#. I have my baby! His name is what I consider extremely anti - #Christian . I don't even like to say or write it. I have been calling him "Baby" when I talk to or call for him. Still, I'm taking my time about giving him his permanent official name !!!

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#Cat for #Christmas

Well, didn't work out with the shelter my friend & I went to a little over a week ago. As I posted earlier, they tore out my broken heart. #good thing is, another friend & I are working on an alternative means of adopting from a different, more considerate #Shelter , where we will have a much better chance of my bringing home my new #Furbaby . Here's putting #Hope into my #wish & that it will work out #wonderfully . 🙏

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Toy Story - An Affur To Remember

Every night this guy carries a toy upstairs to bed with him, and walks into the room wagging his tail in anticipation of being told what a clever boi he is—which he is 🥰

He has two Santa toys which are his year round favourites… the other night he dropped them both at my feet—guess he couldn’t decide between them so he carried them both ❤️🎅

Knowing him, he may also be reminding to hang his stocking up, to make sure Santa leaves a tasty treat—or ten—for him 🎄

#Dogs #MightyPets #MightyDogs #TheMighty #DistractMe #happyfriday #Friday #Furbaby #MightyPugs #Pug #PugMix #mightycommunity #grateful #Thoughts #Joy #happy #Christmas

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Thanksgiving Week

Hello Everyone! It's #Thanksgiving week. I wanted to wish you a happy holiday. Whether you are spending it with #Family or a #friend or a #Furbaby you are never #alone . I think sometimes this time of year is a kick off for some of the most difficult things to face. This means #lonely for some #Grief for others and many more #Emotions .

I want to let you know that whatever you're facing... You're not #alone .

I am here for you.

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The impact animals have on mental health

Do you have a furry best friend? Did you know that having a pet can actually positively impact your mental and physical health? I talk about the benefits animals can have on our mental health in today's podcast episode. Listen here:


#animalsandmentalhealth #Pets #MentalHealth #MentalHealthAwareness #mentalhealthpodcast #petsandmentalhealth #Furbaby

The Impact Pets Have on Mental Health by The Wellness Project with Des

Welcome to my podcast, The Wellness Project with Des. On today’s episode, I speak about the benefits pets have on mental health! Join my mailing list and get your free printable 7-day Gratitude Journal: https://www.subscribepage.com/k6p4b2 Become a part of my Facebook community: facebook.com/groups/accordingtodes If you liked this episode or have enjoyed any of my past episodes, please leave me a review on iTunes! I would really, really appreciate it! https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-wellness-project-with-des/id1477570126?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=lets_talk_about_a_taboo_subject&utm_term=2022-01-27 And make sure you share this episode and tag me on social media @the.wellness.project.with.des
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Prayers Please — UPDATE

Thank you all for the prayers for Lizzie. It’s with a sad heart that I share that she does have cancer and it’s spreading fast. She will probably have to be put to sleep in the next few months. Please continue prayers for my daughter. Thank you! 🙏🏻❤️ #ChronicMigraines #ADHD #OccipitalNeuralgia #Fibromyalgia #Anxiety #Depression #CheckInWithMe #ChronicFatigueSyndrome #Cancer #Furbaby #OnedayAtaTime

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Roxie crossed the Rainbow Bridge 💔

At approximately 12:15 pm 1/18/22 we had to say Goodbye to our fur baby Roxie 😫🥺. She went peacefully in my arms. I held her for a long time afterwards, not wanting to let her go. 💔😫
She was in early stages of kidney failure. She had a stroke and her Dr said she was throwing blood clots.
She Crossed the Rainbow Bridge to be with her name sake Rocky ( my 1st pup who passed at 11 years old), who passed 2 months before we got her in 2005 They are all together with Precious ( passed in 2017 she was my 2nd pup ) , Creamie, Tiny, Kit Kat and Midnight ( they were all my kitties). I'll miss our cuddles and her gentle swats on my face. The purring in my arms every night 😢 with those little kisses on my nose and forehead. R.I.P. MY SWEET BABY GIRL. UNTIL WE MEET AT THE RAINBOW BRIDGE. I'll always love you and cherish our 17 years together. I'll never forget the day I got you and all the bottle feeding as you were only 3 weeks old if that. Play free of pain and enjoy your time with your fur siblings. Roxie mommy misses you so much already. I Love You Roxie 🌈🙏🐾💖🥰😭
I'm having a hard time with Roxie passing. She was the oldest cat I ever had. I often hear her little meows, her purring and when I go into my room I look expecting to see her laying on her pillow or sitting waiting for a treat or for pets under her chin & face. I know she's in a better place playing & laying in the sun. 🌈🙏💜
#Rainbowbridge #Roxie #Furbaby #Broken -hearted