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Of All the Stupid Things

I know about PTSD my ex has it. I thought I was just having anxiety attacks until last Sunday. On the way home from visiting a family member (a 2 hr trip one-way in a very old car) my car radio started with a warning of a tornado in the area I was driving. On a major highway it starts raining really hard then ice and strong winds. This is nothing new for the Florida state it rains so hard you can't see the car in front. We all put our flashers on continued driving went into the eye then back into the outer bands of the tornado it was terrifying. I was shaking so when I got home I went straight to bed. I hate driving in the rain before this. It seems when I was a child I was in two car accidents with my parents and it was raining. I wasn't driving but I experienced it. Then when I moved to Florida I was in a very bad accident. I was helping in a pre-existing accident during a rainstorm. Car number one had thought she had pulled off of the highway when she was actually in the right lane The car behind her which was the car in front of me....all of a sudden the car in front of me the lights were gone in like a flick of a switch. I immediately yanked my wheel to the left just missed her by milliseconds went into the medin. Everything was in slow motion wheels car parts rolling around steam coming up from car engines people screaming. I ran to the first car the woman had no idea what was going on I told her to shut her car off and put her flashers on asked if she was okay she said yes. I went to the car that hit her which was the car in front of me and it was too young girls. They were both hurt. I was tending to the one in the driver's seat A young man came over I asked if he had a belt on and we put a tourniquet on the driver's leg. I didn't see her passenger right away she kept asking where is so and so. I remember going to that side of the car looking for the girl and then realizing that the young girl was face planted into the dashboard. By this time people had stopped. A woman tapped me on the shoulder and said I'll take care of this girl You go help the driver and I looked at her and she said I'm a nurse We just left the hospital my husband is over there he's calling for the ambulances. I remember walking around the front of the car and that's the last thing I remember except seeing bright lights and somebody yelling run run she's not going to stop. There was a car coming over the hill the woman was drunk and she wound up hitting the girls in the car again and me. I was told I went 20 ft into the air I landed in a ditch. I woke up I didn't have my shoes on or my socks I didn't I know where I was but I couldn't get up I kept trying I was terrified I was going to get eaten by an alligator. Would you believe I didn't have one broken bone I was covered in road rash though. So while I survived that and the home that I currently live in now has flooded every year. I never realized the connection between heavy rain and wind and PTSD with me until I drove through a tornado. It was an EF0 It did tear up mobile homes but it explains so much why I panic every time it starts raining hard. Most of my meditation tapes have water in them most of them I can't listen to. Like I say of all the stupid things to have PTSD too heavy rain. And I just found this out this week. #ADHD #Anxiety
# angioedema hives idiopathic# hiatal hernia #Pleurisy #raynaud syndrome #Shingles left eye #Shoulder bilateral impingement system #unstable lumbar spine #Bastrop syndrome #bone spurs #Cataracts #COPD #Costochondritis
# Fibromyalgia #Osteopenia #Osteoarthritis #Peripheral neuropathy #kyphosis # gerd# ptsd

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Support needed

With Fibromyalgia, Hashimoto’s, Depression, Anxiety and 4 back surgeries, I found out yesterday that I have to have another surgery and it’s a doozy. My kyphosis scoliosis went from 10 to 40 degrees in a year, and 13 more degrees in 4 months. I live in constant chronic pain, which my medications no longer provide much help. My neurosurgeon told me my spine is basically collapsing on itself. My muscles and tendons are not doing their job supporting it and my only hope to not live in so much pain is to have a scoliosis surgery, where rods and screws will be put in my thoracic area. 3-5 day hospital stay and doc says I will hate him for the first 6 months. I am in my early 50’s, and scared to do it but also scared to have it progress even more.
Anyone else out there have this surgery? I’m nervous as hell. #kyphosis scoliosis #Fibromyalgia #hashimoto #Depression #Anxiety #Mixed connective tissue disease

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Spine question

Does anyone have opinions on transitional vertebra? I went to a spine doctor, and I am a little frustrated because he said I need to sit up straight, and go to physical therapy, which I already did for 4 months last year. As well, he said my lordotic curve is normal (my stomach sticks out). I just don’t know if I feel he is right. As well he said weight loss would help.

#kyphosis #lordosis #Fibromyalgia #HypermobilitySyndrome #ChronicPain


A bad day 😞

I’m having so much pain in my low back, down my entire right leg. It hurts so bad and it feels weak and sensitive. #Fibromyalgia #kyphosis #lordosis #HypermobilitySyndrome



Hi guys I’m new to this app but I struggle with bad anxiety, depression, Ibsd, and kyphoscoliosis I’ve gotten bullied my whole life for it and I don’t have any friends to talk about it with or just to ya know have a friend I was wondering if any of you wanted to be my friend? My undercover name is Maggie and I’m 19 😊 #IBS #Depression #Anxiety #Friends #kyphosis #Scoliosis #kyphoscoliosis


Kyphosis suggestions?

I have pretty noticeable kyphosis of my neck. I’d like to correct it especially before my wedding photos in October. Does anyone have suggestions as to how my doctor has been entirely unhelpful. #kyphosis #cervical Kyphosis #Fibromyaliga #BackPain

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It's all connected

I can tell that my back is getting worse, because other parts of my body are starting to hurt. First it was just my back, then it moved to my hips, and now my left kneecap is rubbing on my tendon because it's not in the right place. Might have to see my pain specialist again =/
#ChronicPain #kyphosis #Scoliosis #DegenerativeDiscDisease #kneehurts


Anyone have experience with kyphosis after scoliosis? My daughter has scoliosis and has fusion 2yr ago. Horrible pain, now we are wondering kyphosis? #kyphosis #Scoliosis #BackPain

My daughter has scoliosis, she had a spinal fusion to correct it almost 2 years ago. She has had horrible neck and shoulder pain that have manifested a few months before the surgery and have not gone away. We’ve been to several dr, pain dr, etc. finally go to another ortho and he mentioned he think her pain might be from kyphosis, maybe the other dr didn’t fuse high enough. We are also wondering it kyphosis common after fusion?

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#Scoliosis #kyphosis #Fear #Depression #Anxiety #VSG

I’m a Christian, substitute teacher, dog mom, daughter, sister, aunt, and adult student. There are so many things that make me who I am, but lately, I’ve allowed my physical and mental illnesses to define me more than usual. I took on a full-time job for the 2018-2019 school term and absolutely hate myself for it because I’ve been working on earning my MA since 2016, but now everything is suffering. I thought I could handle everything at once, but I’m obviously an idiot. I underestimated my illnesses and overestimated my level of motivation.

I’m terrified of failing at anything, and I let that keep me from doing a lot of things. Not necessarily big things, but mostly everyday trivial things. I don’t drive. I don’t date. I don’t confront the friends who ditched me. I don’t sing. I don’t tell the full truth about how I feel because I’m afraid of the responses/reactions I’ll receive. I don’t want to hurt myself because I believe “if there’s a Heaven, there’s a Hell,” but I so desperately want to die.

There are some options to fix things staring me in the face, but I don’t like a single one of them 100%. There are pros and cons to each road, but I’m not willing to sacrifice my nearing graduation date for my job, nor my great job for my education. This dark hole is sucking me dry, and the only thing I know to do is wake up and show up for work every day on autopilot. Unfortunately, that takes everything. I haven’t had the energy for church, homework, family time, or even time to myself. If I get a minute to myself, I want to sleep, overeat, or stare at a blank wall. I can’t even handle applying a full face of makeup for work, which I usually love. I can’t handle extra stimulation in the few silent moments I get. If I don’t eat at all, I feel okay, but the moment I take a bite of anything I can’t stop until I hurt. I had VSG done a couple of years ago to help with that issue, but I’m failing at that too. I’m failing at everything, and I’m worried I’m going to end up as the 300 lb girl without a decent job and meaningless degrees again.