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Genetics something no one has control over. Yet it is the one thing that determines what we look like. For so many people, they are ridiculed and told they are ugly for something they have no control over. For so many the definition for ugly is based upon the exterior features of someone, the one thing we have no control over. For so many of these people that are called ugly, they hurt inside, but so many still exhibit more inner beauty than anyone with exterior beauty. True beauty comes from within yet so many forget this. It is a scientific fact that people that date or marry based upon inner beauty have less instances of cheating and divorce than those that marry or date just for exterior beauty. In my years, I have forever been ridiculed for my looks and often told I was the ugliest person I the world and some have been so mean to tell me that I am too ugly to look at. So many people think that attractiveness shaming is only toward women, and men should just “man up” and not take being called ugly to heart. I don’t care what gender you are it still hurts the same to being told you are ugly when you have no control over. For so many years I worked tons of hours to be able to get myself plastic surgery so I would no longer be told I was ugly. I just wanted to look average, I wasn’t going for movie star looks. The day I made the appointment to get a consultation, I asked a friend at work to switch me shifts so I could go. Naturally they asked why I needed to switch, so I told them. Their response was no matter how much plastic surgery I got it wasn’t going to change my appearance enough to not be ugly. So that night I dwelled on it and finally let my thought get the best of me and I decided to cancel the appointment because according to my friend it would be a waste. For too long I accepted what people told me: that I was ugly, and bald, and scrawny. Despite all this I still thought I had a large amount of inner beauty that someone someday would see that. Someone once told me that I am not the type of person people fall in love with instantly, that I am more of an acquired taste that takes months to grow on people. When I get clarity I realize how much this has affected me my entire life and how much it has affected my past dating experience and how much it will affect my current and future ability to find a relationship. So, I have added my picture to this post simply as a way to deal with the mental impact.

#ugly #MentalHealth #BipolarDisorder #Bekind


lonely, fat and depressed

loneliness and depression has caused me to just eat and crave sweets. when im really deep in depression i cant get out of bed. i dont like exercising at all. so im stuck. fat, sad, ugly and alone. at least my furbabies love me. dont know what id do without them. #lonely #fat #MajorDepressiveDisorder #ugly


#Dating #SocialAnxiety #feelingweird #ugly

Anyone else have a hard time with talking to people in general? I have social anxiety and I hate trying to hold a conversation with others. I've always been this way and I feel weird because of it. I loathe being in situations that aren't related to work or alcohol. Being extremely shy and having a shitty self esteem also adds to the issue as well.


I am tired of my husband belittling me... What can help?

He is always being mean to me and my appearance. Is that wrong? #ugly #fat #stupid #CSection

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Why am I kissing my eyebrows?

So after all the covid 19 issues and being isolated. I’ve become more stressed than normal and had many break downs like a lot of people i know that have anxiety depression so on. But the last 2-3 days I’ve had chunks of my eye brows just falling out. They were super thick and had a lovely shape they’re now Rhône’s and random chunks are gone. What do I do?? I’m very concerned and feel awful looking at myself.
#Anxiety #Depression #COVID #corona #COVID -19 #brows #Loss #ugly #hatehowilook #why? #Whattodo

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Feeling Unloved & Unworthy Today

Just sad having my love and energy ignored and met with indifference, and struggling to focus on work because of it. Feeling like I'm failing on every level of my life, and letting every amazing opportunity I have (professional and personal) slip through my fingers by not managing myself well. Sigh.

I love you people and I hope all you beautiful, brave, kind, vibrant souls are having a sweeter, kinder day than me and are feeling loved and worthy. 🌻❤️

#unworthy #sad #Sadness #FeelingAlone #Anxiety #Depression #Spoonie #Spoonies #amihere #ugly #BodyDysmorphicDisorder #BDD


The Monster in the Mirror

I looked in the mirror this morning and I hated what I saw. My dad keeps telling me how grows I look even if Ihad just taken a shower or had just brushed my hair. I think my face is to narrow and my nose is to red. I hate myself more than I am ready to share. my hair is to week and brake to easily. So, because I hate myself, I make sure that I give all my love to everyone else. and if I don’t, I hate myself more. So this morning, last minute, I decided to take a shower to make dad happy. and when I say last minute, I mean last minute. I didn’t want to get out of bed this morning (as always) so I got up ten minutes before we had to leave for school (as always). I took a shower and got downstairs with my stuff. He didn’t notice anything and since I was behind him walking out of the door, not in front, he yelled at me for being slow and reminded me how I was the worst because I couldn’t do this and that like my perfect step siblings. so, despite my effort, he’s still disappointed in me. and I still hate myself. (as always). I looked in the mirror again not to long ago. my hair was frizzy and out of place and my nose was reader than normal. Is this what dad meant by “gross”? even after the shower this morning, I still have this ugly monster to look at in the mirror EVERY DAY. Today goes to prove that no matter what, I will always be an ugly, gross, disappointment. #Disappointments #ugly