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    I was scribbling in a groovy book called "Coloring the Seventies" and I colored this peace sign.

    "When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace."

    — Jimi Hendrix,

    Hendrix was posthumously dually diagnosed as a bipolar addict. #dualdiagnosis #Bipolar #Addiction #Depression #manicdepression #Mania #jimihendrix


    Day 1 w/o alcohol

    Decided it was time to start regaining my health, drinking was making me super anxious and was declining at work because of it. Just taking it one day at a time. #dualdiagnosis #Bipolar2Disorder #AlcoholDependence #AlcoholAbuse


    Grieving my therapist

    Yesterday, at the end of my session, my therapist very gently told me that our next session would be our last due to the military moving her family to another state. She praised me as her most improved patient and told me she would miss our time together. Her words unfortunately gave me no comfort because my progress was mostly due to her efforts over mine, at my darkest low. I held it together only due to numbness from the news but have had a very hard time since then. Intermittent crying like I am grieving. I've tried to give myself space to grieve but I honestly feel this desperation to not lose her. My issue comes where I would normally talk to HER about these feelings and she would obviously help me, but I feel it may be inappropriate, or unethical?. I do think it would be unneccesary and selfish if I called her and told her how I am struggling. You guys are my go to for things like this. I could use some encouragement, personal related experiences, advice, resources, anything. Thanks humans. #BPD #manicdepressive #dualdiagnosis #Grief #therapyworks #isthishashtagging ?


    A trail of dead bodies where my good intentions are supposed to be.

    I shut down and shut everyone out when I get anxious, depressed and manic. After months of avoiding everyone I know I'm finally feeling friendly again. I've been apologizing to friends for ghosting on them with no warning. They seem to understand but I low key know some are offended. I just can't drag my friends into the brutal worlds I enter when in a bipolar episode. I try to protect them and I just end up hurting feelings. I have a really hard time reaching out for help because I feel like my bipolar disorder isn't accepted. I always feel guilty about how I cope.

    #BipolarDisorder #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #dualdiagnosis # friendships #Family #iwishtheyunderstood #mental health # rejected if i dont act right#bipolarepisodes #Depression #Anxiety #Sadness #enduring #imsorry #extremeguilt #im horrible at Relationships


    Hello! I'm a New Bipolar Contributor

    Hi Mighties. I'm a new contributor to the site and I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Conor and my first story was "Why Some People Are Doing Just Fine During COVID-19."

    I have Bipolar 1 Disorder and I am a recovering alcoholic. I LOVE music and some of my favorite artists include Nirvana, Nine Inch Nails, The Flaming Lips, and Bright Eyes. I also dig old-school jazz like Thelonious Monk, Miles Davis, and Billie Holiday.

    My background is in music journalism. I used to be a television producer for MTV News in New York City, interviewing and writing about music artists and celebrities and musical artists. Now, I enjoy writing about the intersection of pop culture and mental illness. I also write about "dual diagnosis" or living with mental illness plus addiction. I hope you'll walk away from my posts with a sense of camaraderie and empathy. Follow me!

    Further reading on my blog at thebipolaraddict.com  #Bipolar   #Alcoholism #Addiction #dualdiagnosis     

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    Count Your Lucky Stars, a poem.

    Hi guys, I thought now was as good a time as any to post a poem I wrote earlier this year about my experience as a sister of two siblings with autism. It came to me during an assignment about something others take for granted. Of course, your experience could be different than my own, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless. Without further ado...

    ~Count Your Lucky Stars ~

    I wouldn’t change my family for the world, and I’ve yet to meet any one family that is “normal.” But there is a blessing to be acknowledged in having a neurotypical family.

    Count your lucky stars. Count your lucky stars that you, yourself, can express yourself. That you, yourself are considered to fit into this nonexistent “normal.”

    Count your lucky stars that when you want to, you can ask your loved ones anything, and receive a response.

    Count your lucky stars that when the ones you love are sad or hurting, they can tell you what’s wrong.

    Count your lucky stars that there isn’t an invisible wall between you and those dearest to you.

    Count your lucky stars that regular outings don’t turn into indecent exposure, self injury and screeching that people don’t even pretend not to leer at with their ignorant, judgmental eyes.

    Count your lucky stars that slushee runs don’t turn into dramatic whines of “ow my ears!” from adult women, when my sister expresses happiness through throat noises.

    Count your lucky stars, because the people who haven’t lived a day in these shoes always have something to say about what those who have are doing wrong... Because to them you’re either “depriving your loved one of available help because you can’t cope without chaos,” or you’re “only asking for help because you’re trying to cart them off for respite...”

    Please count your lucky stars. Count your lucky stars that you don’t live in fight or flight.

    Count your lucky stars that you aren’t part of a family the world doesn’t and refuses to understand. Refuses to help.

    Count your lucky stars that you don’t have to juggle the unique responsibility of fiercely caring and advocating for a person — who stresses you out of your right mind sometimes — because you know that they’re worth it all, and so much more.

    As for me, I count mine every time they speak.
    Every time they spell a word, master a new skill, or meet a person that sees them— not just their diagnoses — and how amazing they really are.

    — Cass

    ((***Please do not steal ❤️ ))

    #Autism, #Bipolar , #dualdiagnosis, #Family, #Love,



    Who here has Dual Diagnosis?
    If you’re unsure what I mean by that, it’s having mental health issues and addiction/dependency issues.
    I’ve had a long, long history with #Addiction, ranging from #Alcoholism to multiple different drugs, since I was around 11/12 years old.
    Even now at 23 it’s difficult to keep a hold of and maintain.
    When I’m in the pit of a #Depression or I’m finding things difficult to manage I always find myself leaning on to something to make things a little “easier”... Well that’s what I tell myself but we all know in the long run when does it ever make things easier?
    Yet again, I find myself leaning on to those old crutches. Right now the tendency seems to lean towards a lot of drinking and taking pain killers to get high as well as more then my usual amount of weed.
    Every night while I drink alone I sit asking myself how I got back into this place? Where was the snap? What caused it?
    I’ve referred myself to drug and alcohol counselling again for the 5th/6th time in my life since I was 16.
    I wonder if I will ever get a grip of my tendencies or will I always be this way?
    #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Anxiety #MentalHealth #ObsessiveCompulsiveandRelatedDisorders KaysDays