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Your doing great 👍 ♥️😊 #MentalHealth #covid19 #longcovid #anxiety #depression #selfcare #toxic #abuse #youmatter #beyou #loveyourself

This is something that really helps remind me on those more difficult days ...

The moment you find yourself worrying about struggling or being a good parent shows you ALREADY ARE !!!!!

To anyone who needs to hear this today ....


I have found that reminding myself of one good moment each day with the little ones no matter how big or small it may seem and it is helping.

Would love to hear any of yours ????

#MentalHealth #covid19 #longcovid #anxiety #depression #selfcare #toxic #abuse #youmatter #beyou #loveyourself #everydayparenting #GeneralParenting #CheckInWithMe

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More than anything.... #everydayparenting #Parenting #COVID19 #Anxiety #Depression #youmatter #loveyourself #Bekind

Due to being so ill the past few months I haven't been able to properly look after my little ones so they've been at their dad's a bit more.The fact I can't brush my daughters hair as I've no strength or il drop the brush as the numbness sin my hand and arms starts , I can't lift my son as my legs or arms go away from me , I can't take them to the park as I need my inhalers after about every 7 steps and can't be out alone incase I pass-out with the dizziness. I can hardly read their bed time story which they love as I'm so out of breath and end up upset and frustrated as I notice more all the little things I used to do so easily and took for granted that I can't do now with my little ones and it makes me feel like I'm failing.I have not seen them as much recently and justnow I know I have to be on strict bed rest and it means I can get better to tey be myself ASAP but it doesn't feel it.I worry they just think mummy doesn't bother !💔 I worry theyl get used to not seeing me as much . I know most of this will also be my tiredness and my depression making these thoughts worse but it's soo difficult. I try and remember that I am doing my best and that they know I love them but it's very difficult. .....

#everydayparenting #Parenting #GeneralParenting #COVID19 #Anxiety #Depression #loveyourself #Bekind #youmatter #struggling #CheckInWithMe

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A mummy's struggle.... #everydayparenting #GeneralParenting #Anxiety #Depression #COVID19

So over the past 2 months ontop of my everyday struggles I have been dealing with this horrible situation of non stop in and out of hospital , constantly in pain ,sickness , on a lot of longterm medication everyday .However one of my biggest pains was the fact of all the little moments I'd missed out on with my children .All the things I took for granted before or maybe didn't realise just how precious they actually were.
Not being able to see my children every day , even now I'm home not being able to be the mummy I was before or even able to some days do simple tasks like brush my daughters hair because of the pain or the struggle to breathe.
Reading the book every night to my kids which they live it takes few minutes ,I used to take for granted how I could do that so easily. Now I have to stop numerous times,I struggle I get stressed and its all trying to read my children a 5 minute book ....
As a mummy my main priority is my children and this situation has taken things out of my control and I am trying to learn everyday how to cope or how to be able to do as much as I can .

#everydayparenting #GeneralParenting #Parenting #Anxiety #Depression #COVID19

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Why is it soo difficult to accept this instead of constantly being harsh on ourselves??? Do any of you find yourself doing this ??? #Parenting

Over the past few weeks my health has been the worst its ever been .I am suffering justnow with sever covid , pneumonia, sepsis and damage to my liver and lungs .
This is on top of my usual daily spells of endometriosis flaring up, my anxiety and depression.

I am just out of hospital in the high dependency unit and I am on strict bed rest. I haven't been able to be round the little ones due to all of this and they're not home from their dad until Monday now also due to my isolation period.

I know myself this is best as theyl be having the time of their lives and lots of attention they don't always get the luxury off with being able to spend so much time with their dad due to his work, I know I could cope looking after them at home anyway as I can barely move or take care of myself rightness. BUT as much as I know this is best ,the fact I am struggling so much health wise that little voice in my head has decided to flare up and I have all these feelings of sadness and guilt as though I'm failing as a mummy , as though my body's failing me to be the mummy I usually am ,everything just feels very heightened right now because of how run down I am .I know now I have to take this time to rest , recover and try and get myself back to me again and I can only do that when I accept that I have to do self care , self love and self appreciation knowing that yes I'm struggling justnow but my body has got me through it all and more....I have to stop punishing myself for being so unwell just now and stop letting those things get in my head that I am failing or not a good mum because I've needed this time where I haven't been with them.
I need to remember I am no use to anyone especially them if I don't look after myself first and make sure I am OK .
It is just so much easier said than done and I am feeling very all over the place justnow...

I need to remember I AM ENOUGH & I DO MATTER but unless I let my body rest and recover and do what it needs in whatever time it takes to do it I am only going to make myself worse.

Does anyone else feel like this? Or be too hard on yourself as a parent????

#Depression #Anxiety #CheckInWithMe #Insomnia #Bekind #youmatter #Selfcare #loveyourself #COVID19 #ChildLoss #recover #ItsOkNotToBeOk #everydayparenting #Parenting

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This is my BIG Fail right here!!!!! New page - Everyday Parenting ♡

In reality this really is the biggest thing that is stuck in my head and I've had this guilt feeling a few times today as its the first day kids are off for summer and I feel the constant comparison between other parents, constant feeling as though if your not doing fun things all the time or even feel like you get on their back to tidy up that your failing as a mum if you tell them off for fighting.or misbehaving that your children must "hate you" !!Some days it's much easier to realise this and other days it takes me a while longer and there's a good few tears lost but I get there.I eventually realise I am a PARENT I do struggle and I do try my best , sometimes I can try harder but I learn as I go .... I am lucky to be blessed to be a parent and be able to learn as I go....so it's to be continued.......♡♡♡

#Depression #Anxiety #CheckInWithMe #Insomnia #Bekind #youmatter #Selfcare #loveyourself #alone #Parenting #everydayparenting #struggling #itsoknottoobeok


Everyday parenting

I have created this group for all of us parents to have a safe space where we can vent , ask questions , gain support ,share the milestones or funny moments or even the tantrums and meltdowns !!! It's our safe non judged space where we can have out little area to get the support and recognition that we are not alone going through this and all of the daily experience's we have...

#Depression #Anxiety #selfcare #loveyourself #alone #Parenting #youmatter #struggling #Insomnia #everydayparenting #happy #Bekind #Support

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Well I thought I'd try welcome everyone a bit lightheartedly.....

I wanted to create this space to be our place when we need our rants, to ask advice , to just have a five min complaint, to get ideas or information from other parents , to just see and check in with other parents and see who may be needing that extra support. I have had a few more bad and struggling days recently where I have ended up riddled with that "mum guilt" and I really am fed up feeling I'm the only one , so I wanted to have a space to go to on the good and the bad moments so I don't feel so alone or as though I am that "worst failing mummy" . I really hope it can help and we can all get some comfort and help and maybe even a few laughs from our little angels funnier moments 😄♥️
I came across few of these quotes and just really thought they stood out to me so hope they can lift up anyone who might need to hear any of this tonight ♡♡

Can't wait to hear and see from you all ♡

Love Emma ♡♡

#Depression #Anxiety #CheckInWithMe #Insomnia #Parenting #everydayparenting #Bekind #Support #youmatter #loveyourself

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