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Mental Health & Myers Briggs

As an ENFP I tend to use humor to hide and or rise above what I am going through inside mentally. I will open up and work through it when I feel comfortable to but sometimes laughing about life's ups and down can help distract for a little bit!

Which of the Myers Briggs 16 personalities are you?

Share below and how it may relate to how you work with your mental health!

#MentalHealth #DistractMe #Laugh #enfp #extrovert #LaughOutLoud #Anxiety #Depression #ADHD

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Social Introvert

I'm an introvert. I recharge best alone, or around loved ones without talking.

However, I also talk to or smile at many people I meet. I try to make their days brighter, even if it's only for a moment. I like occasional hangouts with friends and I regularly call friends and talk with them. I think a party's better with a few people but not too many. I like seeing how people with different skills and talents can work together to make a beautiful whole.

Being the social introvert helps me respect the extroverts' need for talking and the introverts' need for space, and everyone's need in between.

#Introvert #extrovert #Friendship


Anyone else go from extroverted to introverted because of the pandemic and therapy? Or were you always an introvert?

Ive always seemed like an extrovert, but I think it was needing to be liked cause of my lack of sense of self. I think the pandemic and therapy (me becoming more aware of boundaries and the affects environments have on me), I’ve become more introverted. I’ve always been on the border (lol) of introverted, but I retook the 16 personalities test and I went from enfp to infp. Not that the test is a good metric but the fact I answered questions that I’m aware I don’t need be around people to feel good is fascinating.
#BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #BPD #Introvert #extrovert

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How would you describe your personality type?

From the options below, choose the description that matches you best:

💥 introvert (recharges + feels more at ease with alone time)

💥 extrovert (gains energy from interacting with people and social situations)

💥 extroverted introvert (an introvert at heart but with extroverted tendencies)

💥 ambivert (a near equal combination of both introverted and extroverted traits)

💥 other (share in the comments)

#MightyMinute #CheckInWithMe #MentalHealth #Anxiety #Depression #HighlysensitivePerson #Introvert #extrovert #ChronicIllness #ChronicPain #Disability #RareDisease #Parenting #Autism


#extrovert and #SocialDistancing for #COVID19

Im an extrovert. I love people, I’m energized by people. i also work with teenagers. this #SocialDistancing and quarantine stuff, and the fact that I may not be able to see my friends and students for an unknown amount of time, is getting me anxious. Anyone else feeling like this? #quarantine #COVID19 #extrovert #Anxiety



Hey guys, I’ve recently found that I’m an #Introvert with #extrovert needs. When I’m in the house doing nothing for more than two days my #MentalHealth gets really bad and I start getting negative thoughts about if my friends really do care. To avoid this I try to ask friends to hang out but everyone is always busy


Spoiling the apples

I have a great ability of losing grip on things whilst they’re going well. I like to think of it like a boat, full of all my success finally embarking on the journey of a lifetime. I’m stood on the harbour loosening the rope and then boom: the boat sails further and further from land. The rope quickly tears itself from my grasp and the more I try to grab it, the faster is goes.

I’ve buried my head in the sand today. I’m physically not very well as there is a sickness bug going around work. But at what point does my mind overrule a sickness bug ?

#overthinking #extrovert #selfdestruction


Just today.... #DailyReminder

"Don't worry about tomorrow as tomorrow has enough concerns of its own."
I did have to get some research done for tomorrow but I'm not fretting about what I can do after 1 meeting before the next one.  Maybe I'll rest or maybe I'll get another finished job ready to ship.  I'll see how it is tomorrow.  

Did bookwork today and finished a piece for a customer. I also got in a short nap on my acupressure mat so that was good. Major #Anxiety at church and helping in the cafe afterwards. Whew! Husband was with me so that helped me get through it, took an extra med, but bit of meltdown once I got out of there. Which is normal.... tend to crash after being in public and talking with others. I'm an #extrovert  too!  ??? 
#DailyReminder #Depression


are you an introvert or extrovert and how does that affect your illness?

i am an introvert and have social anxiety + depression so it only adds to that. i have no extroverted qualities so when i’m low i can feel it ten fold. i also have a nonverbal learning disorder and some of the introverted qualities relate to that as well. while it has shown me when i need to recharge sometimes those lines get blurred.

what about you?
#MightyQuestions #MightyTogether #MySymptoms #Introvert #extrovert