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Why does my preferred clinic have to suck right now | TW mentions of needles, dysphoria, some caps, swearing, upset

I’m so mad at my preferred clinic for STILL not having the flu shots! Are you freaking kidding me?!

That means that we most likely have no other choice but go to the company where shit has hit the fan for my dysphoria…… Walgreens. 😢

Just so that I can get this over with.

My mom said that she’ll explain to them for not calling me anything feminine and my pronouns and that everything has been updated in their system (as male, not nonbinary though.. stupid U.S. IDs making me choose binary options, and my preferred clinic has a nonbinary option!!!)… it’s a different Walgreens because fuck the other ones.

But still, going there makes me feel like hell. I’m already crying from the thought of having to go to one again. Walgreens has made my dysphoria horrible while I was there (I was misgendered in front of everyone!!). Not to mention that one of my other triggers will be brought up because of the signs for the vaccine shots (please no one say the name).

I’m not okay 🥲


#GenderDysphoria #SocialAnxiety #sad #anger #IsThisTrauma #Upset #Anxiety #FluShot

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Wellness Wednesday: Diabetes, Flu and Flu Shots

My favorite season is approaching!

Leaves changing colors,
Pumpkin picking,
Apple picking,
Cooler weather,
Sweaters and boots,
Harvest festivals,
The food!

I love Fall!

However, Fall is also the beginning of flu season.

Did you know that it’s recommended for people with chronic conditions like diabetes to get a flu shot every year?

Check out this brief article about Diabetes and the Flu:


❓Do you get annual shots?

❓How do you usually protect yourself against the flu?

Share your experiences below 👇🏾

#Diabetes #DiabetesType1 #DiabetesType2 #Diabetestype3 #lada #mody #prediabetes #GestationalDiabetes #JuvenileDiabetesType1 #ChronicIllness #AutoimmuneDisease #Health #Flu #FluShot #Support #SupportGroups #MightyTogether

Important Facts About Type 2 Diabetes and the Flu

Getting the flu shot is important in preventing and spreading the flu.
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Sunday is a day of rest! #MentalHealth

I am trying really hard to prioritise my mental health this year! So after after a hectic week of work, errands, cleaning and finished off with a Flu Jab, I decided to put myself first. Flu jab side effects on top of chronic health symptoms is really not fun 😅🤧🤒

So I ran myself a bath, grabbed a book, lit my favourite Pink Himalayan Sea Salt candle and got a hot water bottle to warm up my bed, it was HEAVEN🙌🙌🙌

I hope this Sunday you have had a chance to be gentle with yourself, reflect on your week and give yourself the care you deserve!

Also, would love to hear about anyone else's experiences of Himalayan Sea Salt candles or has suffered with Flu Jab side effects? ❤️

#MentalHealth #Depression #Anxiety #FluShot #Asthma #selfcaresunday

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Flu shot aftermath

I received my flu shot yesterday (it's required by my employer) and I would rather have some side effects than actually get the flu. But today, not only that but weather changing, rain overnight, I woke up in much worse pain this morning than usual.  Of course my arm is sore but it is almost like my entire left side of my body is in a flare now.  It is very uncomfortable and I am so exhausted today.  I just wanted to share.  Has anyone else had experience with the flu shot and its effects on someone with fibromyalgia?
#Fibromyalgia #FluShot


Does the flu shot make anyone else with fibromyalgia hurt ten times worse all over? #Fibromyalgia #FluShot

Just wondering because this is my first year diagnosed with fibromyalgia that I’m getting the flu shot and I’m trying to make sure that this pain is all normal.