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Creating Meaning #Epiphany

Had a therapy session this morning and aside from all the processing we talked about how to create meaning from the pain. I am still in the stages of doing this but it has made me less adamant about getting an apology or explanation from those that hurt me.

Creating meaning out of my experiences has taught me that it is okay to not get an apology. No one can tell me the meaning of my experiences. We are each the authors of our own stories. No one dictates what is and isn't traumatic for us. This really opened my eyes. I had so many people telling me what my experiences with abuse were and how I should feel about them.

Now I realize that only I can say what was traumatic and how I feel about it. I am the author of my own story and I can create whatever meaning I choose. I can end strong and know that I came out the other side. I can close this chapter and start a new one.

Though I am still healing and processing I can slowly create meaning from my experiences. I can piece together my story. I know the truth of what I went through and that is enough, even if it's not enough for others. I am enough and so are you.

What meaning will you make out of your experiences? Don't beat yourself up if you're still figuring that out just like I am, it's okay. Creating meaning takes time. And meanings change over time. This is okay. I hope my insight can help you today.

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Do you go through periods of catatonia as part of your mental illness?

Trying to reach out to people who understand what I go through.
I know that catatonia is pretty common but I'm interested to learn how it affects you in comparison to other people and their experience of it. #Catatonia #MentalHealth #SchizophreniaSpectrumPsychoticDisorders #Awareness #Experiences

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Fellow fibro fighters: Gabapentin, how do you like it?

I got a new primary doctor today and she was awesome. Listened to every concern I had, didn't brush off anything I said, and wrote great referrals for everything she couldn't take care of. She wrote me a script for gabapentin too. I have only been on one other medication for fibromyalgia and I had nothing but terrible side effects and went off of it. That was a year ago and I havent been on anything else. I'm hesitant and slightly hopefully though. But those of you on it, do you like it? Do you have any side effects? Google can only say so much in my opinion. I prefer actual experiences from real people. Please share yours with me!!! #Fibromyalgia #Gabapentin #Experiences #Newmeds #hopeful


Anyone tried Aimovig for migraines?

I’ve been going through multiple treatments to try to stop my daily migraines. We’ve tried multiple daily pill options that haven’t worked so now my doctor wants to try monthly Aimovig injections. He has to convince my insurance to approve it first 🙄 but I was wondering if anyone has any experience with it? Good or bad id love to hear opinions! #Migraine #ChronicMigraines #Experiences

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#growth Through #Experiences

Everday, whether good or bad, #depressed, #anxious, or genuinely #happy, I like to try and find the lesson I’m being taught through my #experience . Today, I learned how much #Love I have in me for others, and how much #socialssupport I have. Always #grateful for #Lessons.