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I don’t feel good. I wish I could just rest and stay in bed all day today but I can’t 😭

Chronic flair up days along with migraines flair up at same time!! Do you ever just want to take your meds and go to sleep the rest of the day but can’t because then you have no one to take care of the kids 😭 #ChronicMigraines #ChronicPain #IrritableBowelSyndromeIBS #IBSD


Im always sad at night when everyone else gets to sleep but not me

Im up to battle my pains alone…I can take a few pain killers and others… but that would take away my days and leave me asleep for a few days too. I don’t want to sleep my life away…don’t like to not be able to function and feel sleepy all the time too. To all my fellow night warriors-let us not grow weary and cheer each other on because no one else knows of these battles we deal with but us! Fighting!! I hope some of you warriors are able to sleep tonight at least… #warriors #FamilialHemiplegicMigraine #IBSD #ChronicPain #Fibromyalgia #Neuropathy #BackPain #insomia #AtrialFibrillationAndStroke #ChronicMigraines #chronic


Fibro and muscle relaxers difficulty urinating

Does anyone go thru this?:
When I take muscle relaxers or gabapentin I have difficulty urinating. I end up doing all kinds of gyrations trying to get a stream started let alone keep it going. Then I end up with a UTI because I haven't been fully emptying. It's a if my urinary tract spasms like my intestines do in conjunction with my IBS and when I take the meds Im unable to relax the ureter so I can release. #Fibromyaliga #urinating difficulty#UTI #IBSD #Muscle relaxers #Gabapentin


Pain steals the show

It seems like whenever I start to get a rhythm for my days going my pain will rear up and steal the show. So far during the fall/ winter it's staying put center stage. I was awakened by my Neuropathy this morning. I felt like if I looked at my extremities they'd be huge and throbbing like in a cartoon! Everything I have is playing dirty and won't give me a break. I decide to try and sleep but I get spam calls every time I'm about to fall asleep. Just want to scream into my pillow and then cry for a week!
#ChronicPain #Fibromyaliga #IBSD #Undiagnosed autoimmune disease #Neuropathy #Depresion


IBS-D Flare-Up

Hi all! I’ve been having an IBS-D flare for a few months now and nothing I have tried has worked. Anyone have some suggestions that I won’t find on google? 😂 Can’t get an appointment with my GI until November!🤦‍♀️ #IrritableBowelSyndromeIBS #IBSD #ChronicPain #Fibromyaliga


IBS-D is like being in bathroom lockdown #IrritableBowelSyndromeIBS

If I eat, I can’t leave the house. Or if I eat late and it’s something that isn’t quite right, then the next morning and noon is all messed up too. Sometimes I can eat a certain food and be fine and other days, not really. I have such urgency that sometimes I can barely get from the couch to the bathroom that isn’t even 10 steps away. I don’t have a gallbladder anymore and it’s just gotten progressively worse as I hit munis 40’s. Meds I used to take to help, I either can’t take now due to side effects or they are controlled so doctors freak out. I feel trapped and like right now, I will probably pick up dinner as I’m tired and my DDD keeps me from cooking anything too labor intensive. So since I skipped a real lunch and just had a brunch, I’m hungry but my family isn’t. So if I get something to eat now, no matter what it is, I’ll be stuck wondering if I’ll be fearful of an IBS accident the entire time I’m picking up their dinner. I haven’t been able to do much shopping or planning for dinners cause the stores seem to only have half of what I need to make a full dinner. Ever since this pandemic started, the supply of specific foods is iffy. It took me a week once to find ricotta cheese. I’m tired friends. I feel like I’m a slave to my colon. #IBSD #IrritableBowelSyndromeIBS

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Painting the things that I love.

My Mighty Family, I decided to post this because it represents to me the things in my life that I love. It's a reminder to me that no matter what I'm going through that there are alot of good things in life. Like many of you that are on here who are struggling with depression or an illness or a major diagnosis of some sort . Pain and suffering is part of your everyday life like myself. Learning to stay strong as a Mighty Warrior .Gaining strength and inspiration from each other is powerful. I find joy in sharing the things that I create to help inspire others to do things that bring them Joy. Maybe it may be something that just distracts you from your pain or depression. To me it's another world that only represents what I want for it to be. To create with your hands and your mind this is very powerful . Painting has been an escape for my suffering. Another reality that I love. To me it's brought healing during the darkest moments of my life. I believe that you should Do what you Love, and Love what you Do.
So I hope and pray that today you will look up and find the things that inspire you. That make you smile. Remember that you are loved. You are never alone.
#chronic depression
#bipolar disorder
#borderline personality disorder #fibromyalgia
#chronic fatigue


#IBSD Fight Against

Has anyone heard of medication other than imodium to treat IBSD in the long term?