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Doctors not listening #gastro #WeightLoss

I have been in and out of hospital for over a year with extreme unintentional weight loss from chronic vomiting and backend problems alongside very high heart rates at times. August 2023 I was diagnosed with combined adhd, then diagnosed with POTs and HEDs (traumatic experience to get to that in the first place) my biggest issue is my gastro issues. I have dropped from 55kgs to 42kgs so my BMI is 17 at the moment. I have had so many tests now and they're all clear. But today I spoke to a gastroenterologist who reviewed my file and found all my tests were essentially done to the lowest standard possible so she's reordered all of them. She wanted to admit me to hospital for how poorly I am and I won't go in because the last admission genuinely made me too scared to go in again. I was told constantly that I had anxiety or was stressed and ignored and isolated for 48 hours at one point. I know I need fluids and possibly tube feeding but I can't go in there after the last experience.

*photo was from a while ago when I was about 5kgs heavier*
I'm too embarrassed by my body now

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Feeling Optimistic

After the outpouring of support on my post about my upcoming colonoscopy, I can’t help but feel optimistic! I mean, fingers crossed nothing serious is found, but here’s to finding answers, and even more so, getting through this process smoothly with the community’s tips and support! #Colonoscopy #gastro #InflammatoryBowelDiseaseIBD #CrohnsDisease #AcuteUlcerativeColitis #IrritableBowelSyndromeIBS #MightyTogether

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Invisible Depression

I’ve been depressed for over 40 years, had therapy for 10 yrs. and all I can say is that it’s just not that simple to “snap out of it” like most “normal “ think. It takes over your whole life. And for some reason bad things always come my way. #grieving the loss of my daughter #PTSD#Anxiety#gastro issues #Feeling paralyzed

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What are the best food diary apps for Android? Or if there's a website for it? Any tips for keeping a digital food diary? #gastro

Suspecting I may have gastroparesis or something other than IBS, looking to track my food intake to see what lessens the chronic nausea/vomiting/gi issues and lack of hunger/bloating #Gastroparesis

Tips on best how to keep a physical food diary also helpful.