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Welcome to the World!

Seeing the look of wonder shared between Brittany’s Baskets of Hope founder, Brittany Schiavone, and the babies with Down syndrome that she meets and serves through her nonprofit is one of the best parts of the job!
#DownSyndrome #nonprofit #givingback

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Re-entry: #Hope #Depression #Anxiety

#givingback #MentalHealth #Suicide #Hope

Coming home from the hospital yesterday proved to be quite hard. Very mixed emotions. I was delighted to be home but missing a good friend from the hospital and the hospital was a bit of a bubble. When I went to bed last night my mood was quite low. I didn’t panic. Emotions pass. Today is a better day. Tonight I am drinking deep good mental health medicine. Giving. Each year my church donates thousands of dollars of toys to children of prison inmates and children in hospital. Tonight we are stuffing hundreds of stockings. Now that feels good.

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BIG NEWS! I’ve been named a L’OREAL Paris Woman of Worth!

It’s official! I’m a 2019 L’OREAL Paris Woman of Worth!

And I need your vote!

10 finalists across the country have been chosen for this honor, and we each will receive a $10,000 donation to support our mission!

To decide who the ultimate Woman of Worth is, a national voting poll starts today! Being chosen as the Woman of Worth would award me an additional $25,000 to spread resources, support, and hope to families of babies with Down syndrome across the nation.

Can you help me spread more love to the Down syndrome community?

You can vote daily at until November 15th.

May this be a reminder that no matter who you are or how you were born, anything is possible! Thank you all for making this honor possible for me. I’m supremely grateful for your support & love. ❤️

#CheerMeOn #DownSyndrome #Parenting #givingback #entrepreneur #nonprofit


Healing Steps

I walked, not alone, but on my own,
I raced to the end, right beside my good friend.
We walked, often talked, with my fears locked inside,
But fresh air in my lungs made me feel so alive.

Shared experiences helped, when the nightmares slipped out,
Never on my own, despite feeling alone.
My troubles were mine to work my way through,
Dreams of hospital, doctors, nothing, even as a mother, that I could do.

My baby was sick, he needed some help,
So much time in the hospital before we got out.
Apart from my eldest, away from my love,
Another doctor or nurse donning aprons, masks and gloves.
A scary old time but we eventually came home,
And that's when the nightmares began every single time we were alone.

Back in the ambulance, or dreaming of hospital alarms,
Haunted so much even sure he was safe from harm.
How to get through this? How to move on?
Grab a good friend, walk it off, have some fun.

Nature, fresh air, a challenge to face,
I put on walking boots, and I fully embraced.
The time, the perspective, the support, it was healing, because it's hard to open up, to talk, explain how you're feeling.
Mornings out walking with barely anyone around, for me was cathartic and a love I have found.

When the nightmares creep back, and sometimes they do, I put on my boots...alone, with a friend, or bring the kids too.
Sometimes the darkest, loneliest times, can be brightened with the most unexpected finds.

#MightyPoets #childinhospital #Flashbacks #mycopingstrategy #charitywalk #givingback #bronchiolitis #Hospital #Fear #Nightmares


#Recovery #Healing #sharingiscaring

I am starting my training to work on the #CrisisTextLine tonight. I have done a lot of #peercounseling over the years, but I am really excited about this. I have worked on other #Crisis  #phone lines before but its very  #empowering for me. My journey in  #Recovery has been a long, sometimes painful  #learning experience But it feels good to #sharemystory . #Depression has been my enemy for most of my life but I have been  #Learningtolovemyself and in turn #givingback !

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