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So Far So Good

After a rough couple of weeks I am starting to feel okay again. Sometimes that’s the most you can expect from yourself. A couple weeks ago I didn’t see the point in going on. This week I’m hopeful for the future. Praying I get this job I just interviewed for. Excited to start my volunteer work with this Crisis Text Line. This week I’m hopeful. Last week I was hopeless. It just goes to show how ever changing life can be. So anyone who’s in the midst of their own battle, just know that there is hope on the other side and it won’t feel like this forever. #Depression #Anxiety #CrisisTextLine


Crisis Text Line has your back!

Always remember you're never alone! Crisis Text Line is a free, private, space to chat! The best part is by texting the words "safe distractions" to 741741 a professionally trained Crisis Counselor will connect with you in 5 minutes.

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I Hurt #CrisisTextLine #Fibromyalgia #GettingHelp #Veteran

Life is not at all easy.
When we are younger we think we are invincible. The world is our stage and we fake it until we make it.
And then we become emotionally mature and our bodies start to fail us.
At 46 years old I find myself needing a cane, 15 medications a day and need more rest than I ever thought possible. I am dependent on the very people that once depended on me.
Today was a bad day.
Today I called the Veterans Crisis Hotline because I melted. I melted into a pit of despair and agony.
Please call if you need help
I needed one day of peace and rest. I wasn't allowed that and I was broken. Made to feel inferior for just being. By the very person who was supposed to be helping me.
Today I bawled and put all my emotions on the table to a woman who doesn't know me. Who asked me several times if I was suicidal. I am not. I just needed someone to talk to who I knew wouldn't judge or get their feelings hurt by my words. I need to no longer lay my burdens at my loved ones feet.
Please be kind. Do no harm. Words hurt.
I am broken but I am also loved and healing. In my time.
Love, me.


Anyone that’s used Crisis Text Line, what did you like the most about it?

Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone here has texted Crisis Text Line and what they enjoyed most about it? What helped them? Etc etc. thanks! #Suicide #MentalHealth #Depression #Anxiety #BipolarDisorder #CrisisTextLine

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I Made It Through the Night #warrior #BPD #BipolarDisorder

#CheerMeOn This past weekend was pretty hyped up by my friends and family. Due to my #Fibromyalgia attack, was limited to go out. I am chronically fatigued yet can’t sleep. Having trouble eating because of my #BingeEatingDisorder - I’m restricting severely. Last night I thought I was going to make a run for it without telling anyone, I had self harmed, and started to fantasize about “not being here anymore.” Once I noticed, I started to panic. I text everyone I felt safe with and one person luckily answered. I know I can text the #CrisisTextLine or call 911. This isn’t my first time noticing I was becoming #suicidal . Or feeling suicidal. I began to practice my techniques and follow my personal crisis routine. I made it. I stared at the ceiling, my infamous “White Walls,” then put some music on and fell asleep for a few hours. I woke up at around 8 or 9 to take my meds. I forced myself to eat. To get up and get something to drink. Filled my medication case for the week. Watched tv and was actually interested. I feel like I’m being TESTED over and over BUT, hey, I woke up this morning. I know I matter. Just gotta ride the wave #CheerMeOn


#Recovery #Healing #sharingiscaring

I am starting my training to work on the #CrisisTextLine tonight. I have done a lot of #peercounseling over the years, but I am really excited about this. I have worked on other #Crisis  #phone lines before but its very  #empowering for me. My journey in  #Recovery has been a long, sometimes painful  #learning experience But it feels good to #sharemystory . #Depression has been my enemy for most of my life but I have been  #Learningtolovemyself and in turn #givingback !

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