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I'm new here!

Hi, my name is Chelly72. I'm here because
I am a survivor of child molestation by a close member of my family from the age of 6 to 12 years of age. Little did I know that person had an STD which at six years of age I knew nothing about and had no idea that I had contracted Chlamydia. For 4 years I was oblivious and thought nothing of why my private parts hurt, I was 10 years old and just wanted to play outside with my Hot Wheels until this person insisted I take some pills because I had an infection in my body. It wasn't til I was 29 that I fully understood the damage done to my fallopian tubes, they were scared so badly that I ended up in the ICU bleeding to death from an Atopic Pregnancy. I was 8 weeks pregnant, the fetus had gotten lodged in my left fallopian tube, unable to make it to my uterus it started to grow right where it was at eventually outgrew my fallopian tube causing it to burst. I felt so helpless laying there in my hospital room, that helpless turned into failure and failure turned into I just wanted to die specially after the doctor had told me that my chances of having children naturally were slim to nothing. I never did end up having children and now at the age of 50 it still pains me to see young mothers with their bundles of joy. This was to be the start of my endeavors of Grief, Depression, Domestic Violence and Drug abuse.

#MightyTogether #Anxiety #PTSD #Grief #graves 'Disease#Hyperthyroidism

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My Experience #CPTSD #anxiet y #Depression #Asthma #GravesDisease #graves eye disease #hyperthyroid #Childhood abuse survivor

I was raised by a narcissistic mother who was physically, mentally, and emotionally abusive. She would draw me in with the love that I craved and then cut me into pieces. She made me feel as though I could not live without her. This went on most of my life and I cannot for the life of me understand why I let it carry on as I did. The hardest part to me was when I told my aunts and uncles, her sisters and brothers, how she was and what she did to me, no one did a thing. It was the 60’s and 70’s but geeze!

i am now 60 years old and have been estranged from her for several years. I have a wonderful God, husband, family and friends which make my life full. Obviously my life is much better however I still deal daily with the maladies caused by the fallout. It is a fight not to blame and carry anger and hate however The Lord has shown me a better way that doesn’t eat me up with negative emotions though they obviously still come through at times and life isn’t perfect.

it is good to find a place where I can let my hair down with people who understand exactly what it is like. It’s wonderful to not feel alone but be understood.


Fallout #CPTSD #Child abuse survivor#axiety #Depression #astma #graves #graves eye disease #Fibromyalgia #Fibro fog #Fear .

I was raised my a narcissistic mother. She would draw me in by showing me the love I craved and then would cut me into little pieces over and over again with her words and fists. She made me feel as though I could not have a life without her. I finally was able to say enough. I am now 60 years old and she has not been in my life for many years but I believe many of the maladies I suffer from are a direct result of that relationship. I have no feelings or thoughts of her and I have very strong support in my family and friends. I cannot for the life of me understand how I allowed that need to go on for so many years. I am thankful to The Lord for opening my eyes and the provision of support. Now I deal with the physical, mental, and emotional fallout.

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How does one excercise when you can’t seem to get up to make dinner? #Fibro #graves #CPTSD #Depression


What is the longest you have been in remission for? #graves #GravesDisease

I have been in remission for 4 months. My TSI antibodies are down by half, which my endocrinologist told me is a good sign. But I wanted to see if anyone had a tangible, realistic idea?


Hello! Intro from Jaybee

Hello This is Jaybee I just stumbled onto this pageand looks like I have found a hidden treasure of people I can relate to! I'll give you an idea about my health. I am a #breast cancer late stage #survivor with many side effects that did not end after 1 1/2 years on chemo I had a mastectomy and reconstruction and my lymph nodes removed from the area From my hair to my toes I have a list of problems brought on by high doses of chemo or by removal of #lymph nodes Without enough lymph nodes I swell every day from eyelids to uvala to feet toes thighs calves knees and belly, even armpits! (not all of them everyday or all at once) But every week all areas have swelled at least once My legs turned red while on chemo and got neuropathy they have stayed that way I have chronic pain everyday My ankles/tibia just above foot front on both feet feel like they are in a vice grip and the range of motion is limited I have #stenosis from the neck to the hips and at times this is excrutiating pain I had a steroid shot in Nov.. I have lots more going on; it's hard to remember them all. Having a sense of humor helps #ChemoBrain #BrainLesions #SpinalStenosis#ChronicIllness #ChronicPain #Spondylolisthesis #VasculitisSyndromesOfTheCentralAndPeripheralNervousSystems, ,
Other , #graves , #barretts #HairLoss , #Narcolepsy ##Fibromyalgia #bunion #Vasculitis #panninculitis    #limpodermatosclerosis   #edema