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I don't know why, I'M feeling so down & sad tonight. I always have #axiety and feel Depressed before my outting. #Depression . It's like i wanna go but i kind of don't. Is that strange? I also worried if anyone will show up both days. Who i'll get and what not. #TheMighty #MightyTogether

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Polymyalgia at 42 years of age

#Arthritis #LowMuscleTone
#Depression #axiety
#Rare disease #Rare disease #Rheumatology #ChronicPain #Disability #Colectomy

My thought: I am 42 year old female from Middle Europe. I have had recurrent inflammatory reaction in my whole body, they usually start after a common cold
My inflammatory levels sometimes went up to 25000 Leucizystes and C-reaction Protein(CRP) 140.

I got into Burnout depression in February 2019. I was too often soooo sick , and the CEO was terrible, that I had to take a day 3 days, once 3 weeks off.

Then I fell........... Into a black hole ⚫️⚫️⚫️
I asked for disability benefits.
Didnt get anything so far.

Now 3 Years later I work part-time again (3 days per week, 11-12 hour per day)
But I have money problems. Cant pay my tax bills. Living costs are just enormously high, so I sometimes dont know how to get food at the end of the month.
And I still dont get monetary benefits from anywhere.

I almost died a month ago, due to inflammatory reaction, recurrent throwing up and salt deficiency.
After the near-death I needed a wheelchair for the first time in my life.

About Wheelchair use in our public State hospitals : it is not like in the US netflix shows, when patients are taken anywhere by wheelchair.
It is more like, "oh, hello nurse, I want to get some fresh air but I am too able to walk, so mayyyybe might I borrow a wheelchair?"
Nurses were really good. Professional and so friendly. So they gave me a wheelchair.
2 days later the doctor took it away from me.

When I entered hospital, I way already soporous and always fell "asleep " - due to severly low sodium.
I survived.
I am so glad to have survived

But I have the next flare. Spent the morning in a fancy private hospital in the City. They were so nice with me, and still totally professionals, so I feel good to get treatment in this hospital for my recurrent inflammatory reaction.

If my body gets better within 10 days, when my 2 week vacation starts, I want to go wild camping in the woods. It is free of charge, generally accepted as libg as you dont behave like a wild boar. I can walk quite well on flat streets and paths , and I just live walking in the nature a lot. And sleeping outside, away from daily life. I want to do that .... hope my body will be better by then.

So now I am waiting for my blood results. I guess they do some pretty upspaced lab tests. And I see my rheumatologist next week. There is hope that I can get on "Biologicals "/ monoclonal antibodies.

So actually my question to you Mighties.
Does any of you have inflammatory body reactions with muscle pain, fever, Night sweats, fatigue / malaise, loss of apetite/ loss of weight?


Toxic shopping

I’ve been doing so good and just like that I’m back to old habits. I have an issue with shopping, the high of shopping either online or in person makes me so happy. It helps erase all the bad I feel if only for a few moments and then the cycle starts all over again. I’ve spend so much money on dumb stuff that in the moment I really wanted and now I no longer wait, no idea why I wanted or just take up space. I’m so frustrated and don’t want to start going down this pathway again, but I’m also struggling emotionally which is how this cycle starts.

Does anyone else deal with something like this and if you do I’d like some advice on how to stop this cycle in its tracks. Honestly any advice is welcome.
#CheckInWithMe #axiety #ChronicDepression #Depression #GettingHelp


Why is this topic and group still ignored? #axiety #menopause #chronic pain #Depression #hormonal disbalance

Thanks to Lori this group is still here but why is it so neglected? There are only few members, rarely anyone to post but our group leader, no experts in the group. Most women go through hormonal changes, imbalance which cause many other illnesses and symptoms to arise. It is a mentally altered state of mind, we are prone to aniety, depression, illogical thinking, low self esteem... So why is it not acknowledged?
Thx Lori. 💜

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Fallout #CPTSD #Child abuse survivor#axiety #Depression #astma #graves #graves eye disease #Fibromyalgia #Fibro fog #Fear .

I was raised my a narcissistic mother. She would draw me in by showing me the love I craved and then would cut me into little pieces over and over again with her words and fists. She made me feel as though I could not have a life without her. I finally was able to say enough. I am now 60 years old and she has not been in my life for many years but I believe many of the maladies I suffer from are a direct result of that relationship. I have no feelings or thoughts of her and I have very strong support in my family and friends. I cannot for the life of me understand how I allowed that need to go on for so many years. I am thankful to The Lord for opening my eyes and the provision of support. Now I deal with the physical, mental, and emotional fallout.

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My Baby, Rainbow #Worried #axiety

I am worried for my baby, Rainbow, he is sick
I can’t breathe
I am hoping that I can help him be comfortable
& stays happy.
Rainbow is a lovable baby, who we rescued. Yet
he rescued me. There for all tears, love, happy moments, painful ones, anxiety days, he is my Rainbow.
He is my/our heart 💜
I just want to help him. Be comfortable, hear what he wants and needs, keep his life fulfilled.

Any ideas to help, with food. That won’t upset the tummy. He loves eating baby food at the moment.
(Rainbow has cancer: leukemia.)
He has his medicine to help. at the moment Rainbow is relaxing and sleeping more.(he is 10years old) But he will still do his circles for food and jump to lay on his pal the toaster LOL)
At the movement we have been told to look for food that will be able for he to keep down. Anything is helpful.
I have not told many of my pals. Too hard right now. And I want to focus on Rainbow. I am working on being okay. At the moment I am a soul of energy, beuatful mess of feelings.
I am on the edge.
Rainbow and I have been together since I was very little. He is apart of me, my baby.
Love you all.


the wost part #axiety

I think the worst part of my axiety is pain. the phisical pain of your heart and the mental pain for yo just wanting it to end you just want to stop thinking about something and you feel like you are going crazy and you just want it to stop you start yelling at your head to stop stop doing this to me what did I do to diserv this? that's the thing you didn't do anything you just starterd to appere. it's like the a monster that moved in andit won't leave it stays there. #pleasego


How long should i give my brothers mood stabilizer medication to start working?

My brother is taking new medication for about 4 days now and i know usually it takes 2 to 4 weeks to kick in. i know everyone is different but i feel like his mood has been worse. He's more agitated and slightly more depressed. He's been making comments almost everyday saying that he feels scared that he's going to do something to himself. I pointed out to him that i've noticed his mood seems worse. He is telling our dad right now that he's scared that his brain is going to shut down. He got agitated talking to our dad and went to his room but kinda hit the wall saying "i can't do this"
He's severely #depressed #axiety #RacingThoughts #ruminating #OCD and we think he has Generalized anxiety #GAD

I told him today i think he needs to stop taking the new medication cause it's made his attitude severly worse

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Youth Division by Fit For A King lyrics

I feel like I can relate a lot to this song especially what the chorus says. This is one of my favorite songs in this album and I wanted to share it because I’m sure we’ve all felt like this:

There's a place in the back of my head
I keep it dark, let no one in
There's a heart somewhere in my chest
Is there a beat? Does it exist?
Will I ever feel anything?
Will I ever see the end of my story?

I'm so haunted by who I used to be
A brighter version that I left behind
Wasted my innocence
Seeing anger with my open eyes

Bring me back to a time where I didn't tear things down
Bring me back to a life where I wasn't so let down

Am I here to live like I'm broken?
Am I here to lose my way?
Separate me from the sorrow
Give me hope for another day

I feel a space in the back of my head
I don't feel the same, I just feel ashamed
Everyday pounding in my chest
Like a tidal wave that I can't escape

Bring me back to a time where I didn't tear things down
Bring me back to a life where I wasn't so let down

Am I here to live like I'm broken?
Am I here to lose my way?
Separate me from the sorrow
Give me hope for another day

I can't turn back time, but I can let it go
I'm fighting back against the poison in my soul
I'm fighting back against the poison in my soul

Bring me back to a time where I didn't tear things down
Bring me back to a life where I wasn't so, wasn't so let down

Am I here to live like I'm broken?
Am I here to lose my way?
Separate me from the sorrow

Give me hope for another day, day
Give me hope for one more day

#Depression #axiety #anger #Feelinglost

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“There is a lot of pain in life, and maybe the only pain we can avoid from is the one that caused by trying to avoid the pain.”

#Depression #Suicide #axiety #stopstigma #StayStrong