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What is this thing called "Hope"? #seekingknowledge

What is this thing called hope? Yes, this is a serious question. What frame of reference do you use to explain something to someone who has never know or seen hope? We liken the situation to finding a single Waldo in a swarm of people who all look slightly like Waldo. But none ARE Waldo.

We are, at this point, 47 days into our 2 new Antidepressants, 21 days into our Antipsychotic and no change other than we sleep an added 1 to 2 hours a night. We are grateful for that. Our meds are increased every 2 weeks. I, since none of the other want to attend at this time, do video chat with at least 3 Doctors every week. The all tell me that hope will help us in this wait and see pattern we currently find ourselves stuck within.

We believe that everything in our universe has a counter balance. Night has Day. These are concrete, provable, repeatable facts available to establish what distinguishes Night from Day. Where "Hope" along with, it's 1st cousins the other emotions and "feeling" are all abstract concepts not grounded by facts.

What reference points does one use when trying to describe abstract concept of "hope" to one who has never seen or experienced it in their lifetime. How would you describe colours to a person who has never seen them? We have as little insight into what "hope" or any of the "emotions" are, at this point. What is this thing called "Hope" and where do we find it?

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How do you distract yourself from worrying about your next panic attack?

So it's been a few days since my last episode. I hate waiting and wondering when the next one will be. The last one was so bad I almost ended everything. The world was spinning I couldn't breath. I felt as if my throat was closing in on itself. I shook so violently that my muscles hurt so bad the next day. I just wanted it to stop. I don't want to feel like this anymore. I need a distraction I don't have the strength to go through another one.    #Anxiety #CheckInWithMe #Depression #haphephobia


How do you deal with your Haphephobia??

Haphephobia is an intense fear of being touched. Haphephobia may be related to ochlophobia, which is a fear of crowds. Having social anxiety mixed with haphephobia is so hard to deal with.I can't even stand to be hugged/touched by my own family.When I'm in public/crowds I always make sure there is enough space between me and everyone around me. What are some ways you deal with this How do you calm yourself down Does it make your skin crawl too Who else gets shaken up when someone leans in to whisper something in your ear.Sometimes I get physically sick to my stomach.#SocialAnxiety#haphephobia