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Well yes, but actually no

Still a bit of a strange time. My #Heartrate has stabilised and is actually lower than it has been for a few months now.

#Dizziness (well #lightheadedness ) is fluctuating. At the moment it’s pretty bad. I’m walking around my room in the dark like a drunk person which I’ve never had the issue of before.

I also had one of my episodes of #shaking and #weakness yesterday. Last week I ate sugar and it went away (my body was telling me I was hungry even though I had had my normal meals), but this time it only worked for a little bit. Still better than nothing I guess.

#ChronicPain #Flareup fun today so yay


Randomly, my heart rate will climb to above 100 and my breathing will become difficult. It will slowly calm down over a few hours. Any ideas?

#heart #Undiagnosed #question #Heartrate #Breathing #ideas #random

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Tachycardia + Lyme

Anyone experiencing tachycardia in combination with Lyme or any other medical condution? My heart rate was over 130 today when standing. This has been going on for months...Getting too fatigued to do much of anything.

Wondeirng also if there’s anything I can do about this?

Any tips or suggestions or comments would be much appreciated 💜

#lyme #ChronicFatigue #CFS #Fibromyalgia #infections #Tachycardia #Heartrate #Fatigue #afs #adrenalfatige


here's hoping I sleep #Heartrate #BloodPressure

I am going to take 100mg of gabapentin i waa prescribed. For over a week my blood pressure has been high, my heart rate is constantly high, my breathing feels like I have power walked a block, and there is heavyness from my throat to breast bone. chesy tightness and shivers in that area. I get nauseous when I eat and have anxiety attacks anytime i wake from sleep. which is 3 to 5 times a night, taking at least 20 minutes to fall back asleep. this has been 24hrs a day. Is this really my anxiety?! has anyone experienced this day in and day out non stop. even when i feel calm the symptoms are there. I've had anxiety and panic for as long as I can remember..never like this. yes this year has been very stressful and was finally looking up until this happened. can anyone out there relate? #Anxiety #Gabapentin #PanicDisorder #Health


Is your heart rate unusually high?

Mine is 105 resting and goes excessively high into the 200's with the smallest amount of exercise #BipolarDisorder  #PTSD #chronicfatiguesyndome #Heartrate #Fibromyalgia

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What type of doctor do you see? Neurologist/ Cardiologist /other? #AutonomicDysfunction #Dysautonomia


My journey, like my #BloodPressure and #Heartrate is full of ups and downs... more downs than ups it seems.

Trying to figure this out is proving not to be a day at the beach.

We have been to 3 cardiologists; 1 was on the Dysautonomia website as a specialist but threw his hands up, after looking at me for 5 minutes and said, “go to Mayo, they might help you best.”

We drove 5 hours 1 way for a referral we didn’t need.

We haven’t been to a neurologist yet who specializes in this... wondering if that might be better?