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#check -in Time: #Christians On #TheMighty

Well, let me check-in with you all. Currently, I am walking through yet another tough season. Without much detail, I am medically better but unemployed due to a work injury. Had an employment interview scheduled today but the interviewer failed to arrive at the virtual interview. Nice.😞! The day turned into a somewhat emotionally draining day after that experience.

However, after a brief analysis, I find that I still seek to become someone who gains praises from others. This trait is revealed each time I happen upon some social media site or even hear a Christian speaker or musician introduced. The verbal resumes full of accomplishments tend to breed one foundational reaction in me: coveting!

This coveting is often revealed in prayers like, “Lord, when will I reach my destiny” or “Father, I can’t wait to be released to reach the masses…for your glory.” Riiiight.

My coveting prayers are not voiced in those exact words. But I truly slide into a place of despair when I start my comparisons with those “celebrity” followers of Christ. As Christ reminds of his fate on this earth as I think of the upcoming holiday: Easter, which has nothing to do with sugary bunny rabbit treats. 😉!

Actually, asking God the Father and The Christ to make me a famous “Christ-like” person is a bit ironic considering his “famous” death allows me the luxury of even conversing with the Most Holy Lord. Hmmm? Christ celebrity status was based on him giving up his status…right?🤔

So, after relaxing, I hop on this site. Share my heart. Expose my inward drive, fueled often by competition, that is really the driving motivation urging me to be like Christ, in front of others, according to my will being done. No condemnation, really. I am just tired of me pouting about another’s life even after reading Jesus’s last words in the book of John: paraphrasing- Peter, if I ask him to do something what is that to you??? 😉!

I hope my shared thoughts stir others to dialogue with me, in the comments, as we walk through life together, facing the storms, whilst remaining close to #TheMighty One! I could handle your prayers for peace and employment. ❤️

#Anxiety #Recovery #insecurity #unemployment #Christianity #TheChrist #Easter #Resurrection #christ -like #Humility

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#awesome : #Humility vs #hurt

I just saw a poll on #TheMighty . An innocent question was asked: how awesome do you see yourself? My emotions instantly activated. First, my eyes instantly moistened as something in the question had hit a tender spot in me. But I then switched gears by stoically telling myself, “Only God can fit this definition.”

After that thought entered my mind, I realized I had just tried to deflect my insecurities by over spiritualizing the innocent question. This is obviously a flawed defense mechanism. Yet I still question if I can qualify myself as being awesome simply because words pertaining to worship towards God often include the awesomeness associated with the “Great I AM.”

Outside of the flaws in my emotional makeup due to past hurts, as a redeemed person, can I honestly see myself, a saved “wretch like me,” as the hymn states, as someone who is awesome? #TheMighty #Christians , any thoughts?

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Give yourself a reward

Going back in my junior high school days, I've been so introvert person. I never give a piece of words to my schoolmates because of the fear to be bullied. Since then, I only talk to few people in the class just to survive the every task or requirements given to us by our professors. This is suck to cooperate with people who is so opposite to my personality. I've been so jealous how they understand each other so well. They can read such body language that I had difficulty to interpret. I know this is too much for me to acquire because I consider myself as introvert. It triggers when I had this friend which I consider as my true friend- later became my ex boyfriend's sister. She used to share with me her troubles from her cousins and the rest of people she met. It makes me feel heavy every time she self- pity because most of her friends compete with her in all ways. I've been so loyal to her, even her deep secrets, I've never tell to anyone because that was a secret from her boyfriend and rest of people she encountered. I believe in her because she looks so kind and generous to everyone. But, I never know this girl is territorial. When I become her brother's girlfriend, everything has changed. Often, she used to put me on her tweets. She broadcast my secrets to people I did not know. Far away, I saw how she acts. She extremely waste her strength to break me, to lure people, to make everyone thinks I am a beast. The only thing she did not know is, I am one of her followers. This has challenged me to break the cycle of being introvert. Because of the betrayal, the break ups, and pains I've felt, I learnt to become someone's true friend. It gives me the way to transform myself to shine and break the chain. Until now, I never insist to people that i am a good person because I know I am not, most especially to people whom I did not trust. But I am unbreakable! I never settle for less. My time is spent to people whom I know that need a lot of help, including the people here in Mighty. We need to break the chain slowly. There is always hope of becoming the person we aimed to be. I never knew that this day will come. Honestly, i am so glad to share my experience, and hope everybody will rekindle the same inner abilities #Courageous #Humility #Kindness #Forgiveness ofself

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The danger of pride #Depression #Anxiety #MentalHealth #Humility #Relationships #Selfesteem #Christianity #Family #PTSD

I want to share a rather embarrassing story with you. Some years ago I was invited interstate for a family party. Instead of flying I decided to drive so that I could show off my brand new luxury Audi to my brothers and sisters. I wanted them to know their little brother was a success.

After a great weekend I put my luggage in the boot (trunk) and upon shutting it I realised my keys were in there. I thought no problem, I will use the boot release. I was horrified to see the car was locked.

Audi sent a locksmith who gave up after 2 hours. When I told Audi the spare keys were interstate they said they would sort it. A courier picked up the keys, took them to the airport, put them on a plane and then another courier picked them up and drove 2 hours to meet me. I got them at 4am.

My family thought the whole thing was hysterical and for many years they talk about my keys being offered peanuts on the plane etc.

It made me realise my self worth is not tied up in my business success or wealth. It’s who I am, what I have overcome, what I have given.

God definitely humbled me that day.



As being sick spouse it takes humility and patience to ask for help, to accept help. How do you do this without feeling an imbalance in the marriage or relationship?


Please, can you tie my shoes for me?

I had go decrease my work hours even more. 2 hours a week or every two weeks. The pain is just getting so much worse. THANK GOODNESS my work family is so at ease and gives me whatever I need.
I think #Lyrica made it even more severe than before. I had to have help from my little brother to tie my shoes last night.
If there is one thing you can always count on with pain, is that it will bring #Humility

#ChronicPain #Fibromyalgia #EhlersDanlosSyndrome #ChronicFatigueSyndrome #GERD #rareillness