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    Give yourself a reward

    Going back in my junior high school days, I've been so introvert person. I never give a piece of words to my schoolmates because of the fear to be bullied. Since then, I only talk to few people in the class just to survive the every task or requirements given to us by our professors. This is suck to cooperate with people who is so opposite to my personality. I've been so jealous how they understand each other so well. They can read such body language that I had difficulty to interpret. I know this is too much for me to acquire because I consider myself as introvert. It triggers when I had this friend which I consider as my true friend- later became my ex boyfriend's sister. She used to share with me her troubles from her cousins and the rest of people she met. It makes me feel heavy every time she self- pity because most of her friends compete with her in all ways. I've been so loyal to her, even her deep secrets, I've never tell to anyone because that was a secret from her boyfriend and rest of people she encountered. I believe in her because she looks so kind and generous to everyone. But, I never know this girl is territorial. When I become her brother's girlfriend, everything has changed. Often, she used to put me on her tweets. She broadcast my secrets to people I did not know. Far away, I saw how she acts. She extremely waste her strength to break me, to lure people, to make everyone thinks I am a beast. The only thing she did not know is, I am one of her followers. This has challenged me to break the cycle of being introvert. Because of the betrayal, the break ups, and pains I've felt, I learnt to become someone's true friend. It gives me the way to transform myself to shine and break the chain. Until now, I never insist to people that i am a good person because I know I am not, most especially to people whom I did not trust. But I am unbreakable! I never settle for less. My time is spent to people whom I know that need a lot of help, including the people here in Mighty. We need to break the chain slowly. There is always hope of becoming the person we aimed to be. I never knew that this day will come. Honestly, i am so glad to share my experience, and hope everybody will rekindle the same inner abilities #Courageous #Humility #Kindness #Forgiveness ofself


    #heros #Pain #exhaustion #Courageous working

    There is a group of people that should be called unsung heroes. Dare I say there are few movie stars or sports idols that deserve the acclaim more? Not only should this group be recognized and appreciated but they deserve to have their very own day on the calendar. Are you smiling, yet? Did you guess I was talking about YOU? Those who have been beaten down by disease and yet get up and try again...and again are real heroes. I thought I had it hard with my health issues. Then I joined The Mighty and must bow humbly before those of you who have a much greater battle to face. I have a husband to take care of me. You have to go to work day after day. I have the love and respect of family and friends. Some of you have been treated coldly or even cruelly. Some of you battle against depression,anger and other problems. I used the word ‘battle’ for a reason because you are trying to overcome and I’m proud of you. Let’s come with a name for ‘our day’ so you can be recognized for the wonderful humans that you are.

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    Who do you cry with?

    Tears can bring powerful relief and healing. Many days, I have sat with others as we cried. We acknowledged our hurt and pain while comforting one another, giving us the strength and encouragement to stand, take one more step, and fight another day.

    I am thankful for those who sat and cried with me, and gave me the space to grieve. They were okay with me not being okay. Sometimes, we just need to weep with those who weep.

    Who do you cry with? #CheckInWithMe #ChronicIllness #aniexty #Depression #Disability #RareDiseases #MentalHealth #ParkinsonsDisease #Arthritis #ChronicPain #Hope #Courageous #struggles


    #gettingmylifeback #yellowjeepliving

    took the first steps in pressing charges against the asshole who raped me in 2009! Maryland State police care and took me seriously and started the investigation! so proud of myself #Courageous #braveheart

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    Inspiration #Pain #Fibromyalgia #warriors

    #encouragement #Courageous #Beauty

    For all the pain warriors, struggling every day to accomplish the simple things, that most people take for granted...never stop fighting

    We are so much more than patients and people in extraordinary un-relenting, debilitating chronic pain!!!

    I am with you in those trenches and I can see still raise my head to see the’s a beautiful azure blue with soft puffy clouds...

    Hold on a little longer...maybe today will bring release from our prison of pain❤️


    Mighty family

    I am greatful for all my Mighty family. You guys mean a lot to me #mighty #Courageous


    This is me #CheerMeOn

    This is me

    I’ve been diagnosed with OCD/OCPD
    I fight depression and anxiety everyday
    I’m dealing with Agoraphobia
    I have feelings of loneliness, worthlessness, and hopelessness
    I am in a constant battle with my brain
    I have an eating disorder
    I have been suicidal
    I struggle each day to get out of bed
    I feel overwhelmed by the simplest of things in my life
    I lack motivation in most things I want to do or need to do


    Having a mental illness does not make you weak
    Talking about your mental illness is not a sign of weakness
    Asking for help does not make you weak
    In fact telling my wife and kids about my was the most courageous thing I have ever done and I am all the stronger for it

    THIS is me.

    #Depression #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #OCPD #Anxiety #MentalHealth #Agoraphobia #MentalIllness #Courageous #EatingDisorders