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    Coping with food.

    Does anyone else find the pleasure of food a good way to cope with pain? Finding food to be very comforting this week. Trying not to beat myself up about stuffing my face because it's really bringing me a lot of joy.

    #ChronicPain #coping #unemployment #Scoliosis

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    #Anxiety is fun. Thank God it's about 85% improved on meds. Most of the time it's fine, even with a cup of coffee, maybe two. And sometimes it keeps you awake for no reason. Or because you have an interview the next day. I can't wait until I have a new job and am settled in. Work is stressful, but #unemployment isn't better. Add #Depression and #neurodivergence , and I just want a comfortable routine back.


    This period of #unemployment is not good for my #Recovery

    Thanks to those who read my essay about the discrimination I experienced at work. I am entering my sixth month of being unemployed, and I’m feeling really downtrodden. I’ve been able to secure interviews, in fact I’ve had several multi-round interviews, but I’ve yet to land something. The whole experience is causing me to doubt my capabilities and question my potential. On top of that, I’m still recovering from the toxic workplace that terminated me. Any words of encouragement would be appreciated.


    Unemployed + Broke

    My student allowance ends in a week- which helped to pay my rent, bills and to bascially live. Every job I apply for either never gets back to me, or I get declined. Jobs usually take like a fortnight to get back to people or just don’t.... so I’m Fcuked. Makes me want to crawl into bed and hide from the world.... but nooo I can’t... cause I need a job. + having hardly any friends to talk to... makes life AMAZING RIGHT NOW 🥳 #Work #Depression #unemployment #Homeless #money


    I’m 26, I never had a job before. I get severe anxiety when my parents tell me to do certain tasks. How will I ever be employed if I’m always anxious?

    I’m severely anxious to even drive. I don’t have a license and I always doubt I’ll ever have any independence in my life. (This election is making my anxiety even worse)
    #Anxiety #Depression #unemployment #self -doubt #self -hatred


    Do you experience employment FOMO?

    It's nearing two years that I impulsively quit my job (to save myself and my health) and I haven't been able to find a job since then. Does anyone else have that FOMO around not working? #fomo #unemployment #MentalHealth #Quit #Work


    …assigned load. (Levites)

    I’m a temperamental Israelite,
    always complaining… never satisfied.
    I currently crave an assigned load.
    what’s the bet – as soon as I get one –
    I’ll fight against it.

    I’m struggling with unemployment.
    I’m struggling with purpose.
    I find myself envying the Levites
    who just had to carry stuff.

    20/20 vision will be shown soon.
    perhaps even today
    victory will spread forth for me.

    kindred spirit,
    You know the plans You have for me,
    the things in store for me
    and that they’re for my good.

    I want an assigned load
    that will nurture me and my family,
    and be a blessing to the community
    in which I live.

    © Mark Bryant. February 12th, 2020.


    Numbers 4:17-19, 24, 27-32, 49a

    17 Then the Lord said to Moses and Aaron, 18 “Do not let the Kohathite clans be destroyed from among the Levites! 19 This is what you must do so they will live and not die when they approach the most sacred objects. Aaron and his sons must always go in with them and assign a specific duty or load to each person.

    24 “These Gershonite clans will be responsible for general service and carrying loads.

    27 Aaron and his sons will direct the Gershonites regarding all their duties, whether it involves moving the equipment or doing other work. They must assign the Gershonites responsibility for the loads they are to carry. 28 So these are the duties assigned to the Gershonite clans at the Tabernacle. They will be directly responsible to Ithamar son of Aaron the priest.

    29 “Now record the names of the members of the clans and families of the Merarite division of the tribe of Levi. 30 List all the men between the ages of thirty and fifty who are eligible to serve in the Tabernacle.
    31 “Their only duty at the Tabernacle will be to carry loads. They will carry the frames of the Tabernacle, the crossbars, the posts, and the bases; 32 also the posts for the courtyard walls with their bases, pegs, and ropes; and all the accessories and everything else related to their use. Assign the various loads to each man by name.

    49 When their names were recorded, as the Lord had commanded through Moses, each man was assigned his task and told what to carry.

    New Living Translation (NLT)
    Holy Bible, New Living Translation, copyright © 1996, 2004, 2015 by Tyndale House Foundation. Used by permission of Tyndale House Publishers, Inc., Carol Stream, Illinois 60188. All rights reserved.


    I survived the first day of the new decade.

    I forget that I am so much more than my incapability of securing a job. I am so much more than my depression and anxiety. I am not the failures but I am the struggle that do not let me give up. I am not just in those nights where I cried like a scared goat getting ready to be sacrificed, begging to it's impending death for it's life to be spared. But I am also in the morning after, sipping in my tea, smiling towards my mother letting her know that I am okay. I am not just the woman who cut herself, watch herself bleed hoping one-day the cut will be deep enough, I am also in my healed wounds reminding me of the battles I survived in the emptiness of my room and my heart. I am the voice that likes reciting poems. I am the colours I pour on the canvas while painting my agony away. I am much much more than I choose to fathom in my moments of darkness and I have realised that I can't just kill my darkness without killing all of me. That's the dilemma, because somehow there are still parts of me that I love, I guess. The part that reminds me that I am my own being, with every right to exist despite my failures and constant struggles. #Depression #MentalHealth #Anxiety #survival #Life #unemployment