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#awesome : #Humility vs #hurt

I just saw a poll on #TheMighty . An innocent question was asked: how awesome do you see yourself? My emotions instantly activated. First, my eyes instantly moistened as something in the question had hit a tender spot in me. But I then switched gears by stoically telling myself, “Only God can fit this definition.”

After that thought entered my mind, I realized I had just tried to deflect my insecurities by over spiritualizing the innocent question. This is obviously a flawed defense mechanism. Yet I still question if I can qualify myself as being awesome simply because words pertaining to worship towards God often include the awesomeness associated with the “Great I AM.”

Outside of the flaws in my emotional makeup due to past hurts, as a redeemed person, can I honestly see myself, a saved “wretch like me,” as the hymn states, as someone who is awesome? #TheMighty #Christians , any thoughts?

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Friday Happy Dance 🩰

#awesome day with seeing my counselor and starting art group again for first time in 116+ mos of pandemic junk.
Reunited with old MH peer support person Jen and got great news from my counselor that I am officially unplugged from old insurance company for my MH care .
Been an amazing n overwhelming day at same time.
Shared bouquet of flowers for my caregiver today early start to her Birthday next Tuesday..


#awesome Day

#starting to teach my MH peer support person how to play cribbage.
Told her to bring her fingers n toes cuz there's lot of counting your score up!
I'm grateful to be able to try this with her cuz I enjoy the game n she said she has played it before!
Just been years since she's had to count the"old fashioned way"! Not use a calculator ha ha.
I'm eager to have a new player so I

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Cute bag found on

So, I go up to NYC for chemo treatments once a month and I was looking for bags to hang over the armrest of my wheelchair on Etsy (which is mostly made up of handmade items) when I came across this cute bag. I though you would all like it as much as I did. #Spoonie #Disability #fabulous #awesome

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You are Amazing #CheckInWithMe #Chatspace #Chatties

Good Morning Chatties

Hi you Amazing Mighties

Regardless how you are feeling remember you are Amazing
I just wanted to remind you all that to me and everyone else on the Mighty you are Amazing.

You are what makes the Mighty community what it is.


So how are you today?

Apart from amazing and awesome


#Chatspace #Talking #rant #Vent #SpaceForYou #Bekind #nojudgement #NeverAlone #MightyTogether #Amazing #awesome #Family #Community #Friends #Chatties #Lovenhugs #Talkingistherapy