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#check -in Time: #Christians On #TheMighty

Well, let me check-in with you all. Currently, I am walking through yet another tough season. Without much detail, I am medically better but unemployed due to a work injury. Had an employment interview scheduled today but the interviewer failed to arrive at the virtual interview. Nice.😞! The day turned into a somewhat emotionally draining day after that experience.

However, after a brief analysis, I find that I still seek to become someone who gains praises from others. This trait is revealed each time I happen upon some social media site or even hear a Christian speaker or musician introduced. The verbal resumes full of accomplishments tend to breed one foundational reaction in me: coveting!

This coveting is often revealed in prayers like, “Lord, when will I reach my destiny” or “Father, I can’t wait to be released to reach the masses…for your glory.” Riiiight.

My coveting prayers are not voiced in those exact words. But I truly slide into a place of despair when I start my comparisons with those “celebrity” followers of Christ. As Christ reminds of his fate on this earth as I think of the upcoming holiday: Easter, which has nothing to do with sugary bunny rabbit treats. 😉!

Actually, asking God the Father and The Christ to make me a famous “Christ-like” person is a bit ironic considering his “famous” death allows me the luxury of even conversing with the Most Holy Lord. Hmmm? Christ celebrity status was based on him giving up his status…right?🤔

So, after relaxing, I hop on this site. Share my heart. Expose my inward drive, fueled often by competition, that is really the driving motivation urging me to be like Christ, in front of others, according to my will being done. No condemnation, really. I am just tired of me pouting about another’s life even after reading Jesus’s last words in the book of John: paraphrasing- Peter, if I ask him to do something what is that to you??? 😉!

I hope my shared thoughts stir others to dialogue with me, in the comments, as we walk through life together, facing the storms, whilst remaining close to #TheMighty One! I could handle your prayers for peace and employment. ❤️

#Anxiety #Recovery #insecurity #unemployment #Christianity #TheChrist #Easter #Resurrection #christ -like #Humility

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Emotional Support Animals

Hey Mighties
Who of you gets daily "therapy session" by your emotional support animal(ESA)? What kind of ESA do you have?
I have 3 bunnies, with 3 totally different characters, and each of them helps me in a different way. On the pic is bunny Coco Chanel, who is using my bed and me to hop on and off. She loves cuddling.

Emotional support animal #Ehlers Danlos Syndrome #Hypermobility spectrum disease #Depression #TheMighty #ADHD #Anxiety #Highly Sensitive Person or HSP #Arthritis #Emotion #Bunny #Easter #GastrointestinalDiscomfort #Insomnia

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Good morning friends.

✻ღϠ₡ღ✻ Good Morning

(¯`✻´¯) Happy Holy Thursday Everyone ✝️💖✝️


Good morning sweet friends! I pray that today is a wonderful day for all of you.

Let us continue to encourage one another to live life to the fullest and to celebrate Jesus in some way… every day. Every day is a blessing. ❤#Easter #TheMighty #MightyTogether #Depression

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#Spring #Renewal #Easter

Spring is a time we can start fresh in a new season! Spring cleaning is not just for your home. It for your mind as well

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Happy Easter to All!

I want to wish you all a sincere Happy Easter! Whether you are spiritual or not and/or understand the meaning behind Easter, I have found it to be a fun holiday even as an adult and, amid times of hardship I have experienced lately, this Easter morning is something I have looked forward to.

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter and that this message can bring some sunshine to your life!

#Easter #peace #DistractMe #Bunny #Eastersunday #Love #GeneralizedAnxietyDisorder #panic #DiabetesType1

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